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on taking a nice hot bath

i got all my jewelry photographed yesterday. in spite of the animals trying to stop me and be in the pictures. i'm in the process of listing it all now. i had a jar full of small baggies of earrings i thought i had sold. i'm glad i didn't because it rounds out my selection nicely. earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

i woke up at 5 to what i thought was the doorbell. no one was at the door by the time i got to the spy window. i have no idea what that was. maybe the wandering old woman was looking for me. my cats haven't been out for a couple of days, she would notice this. she may have realized what time it was and gone away. or i was just imagining it.

as of today, Chewy's Union Jack sweater will be here any day! next i'm getting him a studded dog collar. i was going to get him a spiked one, but doc pointed out that would make cuddling him difficult. point taken, no pun intended. so i found a nice studded one that looks butch but won't hurt me when i snuggle him. i went nuts in the pet aisle of the dollar store. i got Chewy two bags of treats, two fetching balls (now i just have to figure out how to teach him to fetch) and a dog dish because he was eating out of tupperware.

it's too cold to go out for sunrise. unless i take Chewy out for a walk and dress for it. then the movement will keep me warm. keep in mind i know when i say, "it's cold", it isn't really cold. not compared to the eastern US, but it's cold for here. it's been cool all week. no higher than the mid 70's. it's been nice. but the mornings and evenings are chilly. and i don't get my time outside like i did in the summer and spring. a lot of it has to do with keeping the cats in. going out through the sliding glass door is just inviting escape attempts. and usually, as three of them rush me, one will get the advantage and get past me.

last night i was reminded of Alice in Chains. how could i ever forget them? so many bands. my head is only so big.

kelli is getting a new computer today. her old one died last week. all she lost was all the music i sent her. no problem, i will pack that back up for her when i send her her movies. i'm burning my movie collection for her, and for the kids. not all of it is child friendly, but a goodly amount is. i think all children should watch "Bugsy Malone", and of course there are the Muppet movies. she'll be able to watch these on her DVD player, whereas the other stuff i sent her requires a computer. or a more sophisticated DVD player than she has.

i got sleep last night. i tried to sleep during the day and that was hateful. i took a seroquel and waited too long to get to bed. there are two troublesome side effects with seroquel, restless legs and stuffed up nose. and if i don't go to sleep right away, these two things keep me up. yep. i lay in bed, twisting and turning for hours, unable to hold still or breathe. i finally got some sleep when it started to wear off. i woke up at 3, and doc was gone with Leia.

her checkup went well enough. she's on double the antibiotics for five more days. then she goes in for another assessment. as soon as she is better, she gets spayed and chipped and she is ours. and i can put her new collar on. i got her a pink one. none of the black cats has pink yet. so that works out for ID purposes when she grows up. she's so tiny. doc calls her Teeny. the cat will not know what its name is. oh well, as long as she gets love and food and water she'll be happy. she's feeling better today, she's cuddling Chewy again. she didn't for a couple of days there. he would play with her, but she wasn't into it and didn't go out of her way to snuggle him. today she was all about him. he was quite taken aback, but loved every furry second of it.

crazy dog loves it when i sing. i'm not sure what to do with that. the cats don't mind it, though they don't all agree with my taste in music. Felix, for example, hates Madonna. but Chewy runs over to me and kisses me profusely when i sing. my dog is tone deaf.

i'm glad the government is not going into default. i am relieved, i was really stressing about losing my check and not being able to pay rent. but they fixed it for now.

now i can spend money! that means a new keyboard and mouse for the old laptop and hopefully i can get that beast up and running. i have to get a new keyboard for it because the animal we gave the laptop to broke several keys by pounding on them. then Windows stopped working, then he gave it back to us. never one to give up on technology until the last second, i kept it in case i ever needed a back up for the cam. and viola! i do. that, to me, is a spending spree. just enough to get me what i want for now. then i'll play until i get tired and want something else. i've always been that way. i don't want big things, but i always want.

do i send doc to Fry's to get the keyboard, or have him help me with the yard decorations? keyboard, i think. i'll do the decorating. we were supposed to do it yesterday but i was locked in that epic battle with sleep and all. i'm going to have to get used to this reading on the computer. i've been reading articles in periodicals online to get used to it. short bursts of information. i'm not used to absorbing a lot of info at once from the computer. i'm a holder of books. i will never give that up. even with the kindle, which is hand held, i can't see myself really getting into it. i want to turn the pages and smell the paper.

that paragraph just went off the rails. sorry about that.

if you're looking for some original jewelry for that kind of special someone in your life (these aren't diamonds, after all), look no further than more will be going up today. like i said, i'm in process. i need to sell of this stuff to get the chain i need for my next series. and if i don't sell it, i am at risk of keeping it, and i just don't wear that much jewelry. i wear two sterling bracelets, a Hill Tribes link bracelet that kelli has the twin of and my medic alert bracelet, on one wrist. three rings on each hand. a black silk necklace with an open filigree heart locket and crescent moon earrings. sometimes i wear other earrings, and if i'm going out i will stack some bracelets on my other arm, but necklaces and such, i really don't need more. i don't wear them enough. so you see, i can't keep this stuff. i must sell it. especially the pride stuff. yes, especially that. because i tend to collect pride jewelry. it's funny, but i started making it for myself because all the pride jewelry i saw looked the same. and i have made myself one pair of earrings. or the yellow necklace with the chromium (?) pendant. i can't keep that. no, must sell it. no matter how much i like it. and i do like it. i don't wear yellow.

i think i will extend this break from ebay by taking a nice hot bath and shaving and doing my hair. which cologne to wear today? CK Be, i think. yes, maybe even a facial mask. a nice spa morning, then i will be ready to work more.

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