Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

don't judge me because i'm listening to C&C Music Factory

so i found more music. some older stuff. something i haven't heard lately. good stuff.

i talked to the foster case worker at the animal shelter today. she reassured me that they wouldn't take Leia away from us if she was still sick. they would give us more meds and send us home with her on a foster basis still. the adoption isn't complete until she's spayed and chipped. but there is no risk of losing her. i mean, unless she doesn't get well. but that seems unlikely. she's getting better already. and she is growing. her collar is getting tight, she's gaining weight. the nutrients are working.

Chewy keeps getting into the garbage tonight. i don't know what his deal is. he has food. and a brand new dish to eat it out of (i love the dollar store). now he's curled up with Leia trying to be as cute as possible. and looking at me with those pathetic eyes. oh, how can i resist the cute?

i slept most of the day. i made mac and cheese from scratch and ate that for lunch. and did some cleaning. but not much else. i have to tear apart the couch and my bed tonight. ugh. sigh.

i don't feel like writing. i have nothing in my head. it's just white noise. i'm gonna go.

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