Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

it's a grey morning, not so chilly

so i stayed on the couch all night, didn't wake up until 7. i feel pretty good.

Leia has her voice back today and she's feeling better. while i was in peeing, she wouldn't stay off of my lap. all she wants is cuddles. the shelter opens in a couple of hours and i can call our case worker and see what we should do next.

Major has become a fat thing in the weeks since he's joined our family. i picked him up last night, something i try not to do because it freaks him right the fuck out, and was surprised at the girth of his belly. so he's eating well.

Simon still isn't gaining weight, but he's stopped growling at the food when he eats and is becoming ever more social.

where's my dog? i lost my bloody dog again. he's too small, i lose him too easily. i know he didn't get out, i watched him battle where doc fixed the fence yesterday. he was bummed. i want to take him for a walk and i can't remember where i left him. maybe he's in the bedroom. he disappeared last night and i ended up finding him curled up with doc in bed.

don't you love it when a song comes on you haven't heard in a really long time and you realize that you still know all the words? i do. the cats don't, it means i will sing ever louder, but i love it.

i'm going to go find the dog and take him for a wander. any excuse to wear my hip pack.

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