Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

ego stroking

wow, so i entered that poem in a contest, and i don't know how it will do, but i've gotten some really positive feedback on it. really surprising feedback. i don't even like that piece very much. it doesn't do me credit. but i'm getting this really constructive feedback on it. i wonder what they will do if i post a piece i like. it's been so long since i exposed my work to a new audience that this is kind of overwhelming. the poem wasn't that good. nothing compared to what i can do. but people see something in it. they complimented the tone and imagery. i am taken aback.

i am resisting the urge to post old poetry just for ego strokes. i will only post new poetry on there. and not very often.

the maintenance guy will be here in the next hour or so. the fan in my bathroom died a horrible and loud death. so they are coming to replace it. though i fear they will come out, pronounce it broken and come back another time. i'm just trying to figure out what to do with the dog while they are here. we don't have a dog. see? okay, doggie in the mud room. i put the cat bed in there for him, he'll be fine and hopefully stay quiet. kitten is in doc's bathroom. mine is cleaned of all evidence of anything other than human in there.

power ade is on sale at the local shops. so doc is bringing me plenty of it. it's better for me than coffee and is helping me get off the coffee more. eventually i'll be back on mainly ice water. this coffee obsession has been fun, but it isn't good for me, i know.

so maybe i have some talent for this writing thing. this site i'm playing with, has open forums to post poetry in as well as contests to challenge you. each contest has a theme, or a set of words to choose from or an image to inspire. that sort of thing. that was why i wrote that autumn poem, i picked the words to use and they are the title and wrote around them. it was a challenge to write about something specific, not just to sit down and free write. which is what i usually do. so i think i'll enter more contests. they award points or some such thing, i don't know what the points are good for, but like i said, it is the challenge, not the competition.

same with the poetry slams. i prefer the open mic to the competition. there is still the challenge of performing, without pitting oneself against others.

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