Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

and he laughed and laughed

so, i suffered the embarrassment and read what i wrote last night to doc. he laughed and laughed and it was okay. it's just a work of fiction. no biggie. but he liked my style and "cadence". cool. i know it's just based off me reading two pages to him, but he had positive things to say about it. the content, silly. i know. it's pure fantasy, but as someone who knows me, he said he enjoyed the autobiographical touches i added. that's cool. that's what i wanted. and only two people in the world will really get it and neither of them will ever read it, doc and kelli. anyone else who reads it will always have to wonder which parts are true ticks of my personality and which are made up to help the narrative along.

i got a couple hours of sleep. i lay awake for an hour and a half until i finally brought the laptop into the bedroom and put on Labyrinth, then when that ended, music. doc woke me up around 6, he got off work early. now he's asleep on the couch and i'm awake. it's a chilly day, but it's supposed to warm up. it's almost light enough out to start taking pictures. i'm not losing sight of that today. mama wants a new desktop computer.

shades of autumn

leaves don't turn here
in las vegas
like they do in the east
they wait and watch
and then, just when
you think it's not going
to happen this year,
they will stay
on the trees,
this time . . . but no,
they go all at once
green one day
yellow the next
brown the final
then gone . . .
all over the ground
for the desert winds
to sweep away
all autumn long

i just jotted that down for a new member poetry contest over at i don't usually enter contests, my fragile ego can't take it and there are usually rules and constraints that put me off. but i was just bored enough to come up with this. it was rattling around my head last night, but got pushed out of the way for the Story. so now that i have the sections of the Story down, i figured, why not get something for words. or something like that.

Chewy took himself out for a walk today. i swear to all the gods i do not know how he is getting out. but he got out. i wanted to take him on a walk and see how well my hip pack went with my leather. okay, they don't. my leather is black and the pack is weathered brown. but hey, my boots are blue!

making no sense. should probably take my meds. it's light enough to take pictures, so, off to do that. the cam is working, so i will try to point the laptop at where i'll be taking the pictures. Too Much Fun.

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