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four hour story short . . .

the motherboard of computer1 is too old to work with the hard drive from computer2. there is just no way with the brands that i have and the age difference, and believe me i have tried. so i plugged in the old hard drive just for shits and giggles and the damn thing booted right up. good news is i got the floppy drive reconnected, which is useless, but something accomplished; and i got a DVD ROM installed on computer1 and found the best working copy of windows xp and a list of keys for it. printed those out and put them with the disk. can fix the old laptop with that, too.

much much later . . .

okay, computer1 won't work for more than a few minutes and it won't even ask for a boot disk anymore. i guess it doesn't want to impose, just die quietly. computer2 is a paperweight with its motherboard issues and now it is missing its DVD drive, which is now in computer1. i guess i could put it back together, but without USB support . . . well, paperweight is being kind. and i'm still having issues with ChillCam and the laptop. it works one out of about 12 restarts. so my only hope for the cam is the old laptop. i think if i put just a basic windowsXP on there and nothing else but the cam, it should work for that. so when i get paid in a couple of weeks, i will pick myself up a USB keyboard/mouse situation from Frys and call it a win.

in the meantime, i don't want to be without a desktop. call me insecure, i like having a big machine at my feet purring and growling at me while i work. and we can't live with just one computer, this laptop. doc will die because i will never let him have the laptop to play on. and he's not a serious gamer, just plays on, pool and something called Zombotron. and he watches movies and such. i need a computer i can work on while he plays on this. if i wait a few months, i can pick one up at walmart. i wonder if i could put one on layaway . . . just something simple. something i can immediately get windows8 off of. i looked at building one, but i can buy a cheapo one for far less than i can build one. because if i build one, i'm going to want it to be the best. if i get something ready made, i'll be happy with whatever i can get.

so that is on the to-earn-for list. after a wireless router. though that is mainly doc's wish. he's trying to eliminate any cord he can. especially now that i've got the USB hub hooked up to the laptop. heh. that and porn from the privacy of one's own bedroom, but that is hardly a priority for either of us, just a running inside joke.

some good things came out of today: if anyone i ever know with this problem and a hard drive made by someone other than Seagate, i know how to fix it. i know what programs i need and what tweaks i need to do. learning a new process like that isn't easy for me anymore. not after the ECT and all the meds, learning anything is hard, especially computer stuff. but i learned it. three websites and two youtube tutorials later, i know what to do. it's called a slip stream install.

i may have a hard drive in better condition that i can put in there that isn't a SATA. i don't need something big because i don't store anything on it. so that is tomorrow's project. the motherboard is still good and i just got the drives working, it would be a real feather in my cap if i could get another hard drive in there and get it working. if only for a little while. i only need a few months to get the money together.

oh! and taking pictures of stuff for ebay! i completely spaced that. i did most of the other stuff on my list, but that one escaped me. it would have helped if i had looked at the list i wrote. duh. that's kind of integral to getting the money together, huh? i'll end up buying a computer off ebay. well, why not. better them than walmart. if i'm going to buy sweatshop goods, some little guy somewhere should benefit.

my hip pack came today and it is fabulous! it has all manner of hidden pockets inside of it to stash things in an organized manner. it is well constructed and stitched and the faux leather is as soft as leather. i was amazed. i expected it to be stiff because it wasn't real worn leather. but it is so soft. i wore it on my and Chewy's walk tonight and actually got a compliment on it! how cool is that? i'm really starting to love this little community where i live. the neighbors spend their evenings in their front yards socializing and i get waves and hello's on my walks that make me feel loved and welcome. it's a great community. and there's a lot of cops that live here. mostly retired, but there's a presence all the time in the neighborhood, and not an oppressive one (except for that little traffic kerfluffle the other day with Death Metal and doc and The Cop With The Hunch About The Brown Guys). it's enough to make you feel safe. and no one ever seems to call the police about noise and such. for noise is rare. when it happens, it happens big, like bands in back yards or 6am mariachi records at full volume. everyone just lets it go. great place. i want to stay here.

if the house didn't have issues with the electrical and plumbing systems, i would be pushing to working toward buying it. but, alas, it does. all the older houses with character do. they weren't made to last this long. now you are meant to buy one of those stucco cookie cutter homes. one of the ones with two huge air conditioning units because it has a two story open floor plan and you need them to cool all the dead air space.

i have the idea for a book or short story brewing in my head. i'm not sure how it's going to go. i think i'm just going to sit down with a bottle of vodka and a couple of grams of chronic and write one night. no outline or character bios, just write and see what i come up with. i guess i could do that next month for NaNoWriMo, spend the rest of this month on poetry and then next month just plow into it as a personal challenge.

tonight i added B52's, George Michael and INXS to my play list. i'm now over 600 songs. well over 40 hours. i keep making mini-playlists in Windows Media Player from it. i have decided never to go without music again. i stopped listening for a while because i didn't have . . . the motivation, really. yes, it takes motivation to listen to music. everything but lying in a lump requires motivation. i discovered that the hard way. nothing happens automatically, you have to have the inspiration to stand the fuck up and do something.

What composer should i add to my classical list next? i've pretty much worn out the Mozart LP i downloaded, it's time for something new. who is your favorite composer? why? what should i look for to listen to? i'm open to symphony, chamber music and opera.

Leia has had a relapse. she had a bloody nose this morning from sniffing and pawing at it all night. so she got cleaned up, saline rinsed, lotioned (on the tip of her tender wittle nose) and medicated before getting locked back up in the bathroom with her favorite towel, tshirt and food dish. not her favorite litter box, but she'll get over that. two more days in quarantine and then we have to take her back to the shelter for a check-up and see if she is ready to spay yet. i feel really guilty because i didn't get her medicine to her until really late one night. i hope that didn't set her back. i'm thinking it's more the dry air and exertion from being a kitten here. she's been running around like a mad thing. trying to keep up with Vader and Chewy. and keeping up with Chewy is a chore. when he decides to be active, he is a maniac. and she brings it out in him, a couple of nuzzles and licks on the snout from her and he's off and running and pouncing like a cat on speed. and he's a dog, not on speed. strange happenings here.

oh, shite, it's time to go wake doc up. i got into writing and the time slipped away from me. that's been happening a lot. that's what makes me think i can write a book now, i have the concentration i've been lacking the past decade.

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