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i don't know why it took a nap to come up with it, but it did. i have a brilliant idea staring me in the face, and i'll bet there's at least one of you out there wondering when i would come up with this solution.

i have two computers. one doesn't work. hard drive dead. (it breathed its last, last night) disk drives outdated and dead. another computer with a partially shorted out motherboard so there is no USB support, working disk drives and perfectly good and large hard drive. simply take them apart and put the pieces that work together. it's like legos with electricity. and hopefully by the end, come out of it with one nice, working machine. slow as shit. sure. i can live with that. i only need it for the cams (i found all my old cams last night) and the scanner. i use it for Word documents and HTML editing, but not much else. i use it when doc is on the laptop.

and speaking of laptops, i'm going to fix my old one and set it up with a cam. i found my Windows XP master disk buried at the bottom of a huge box with nothing else computer related, way to pack. all i need to do is pick up a cheap USB keyboard and i'll be set up. that will give me the same net amount of computers, while allowing me to get rid of a tower and get a dead laptop off my dresser. and it solves my missing monitor dilemma.

now i'm just waiting for it to get light out so i can do this. spread out on the floor of the living room and pillage the shit out of the two towers. the sun will rise in 30 minutes. surely i can keep myself busy until then.

i'm loving the little moon phase widget i got for my site's home page. i don't always get to see the moon, but this lets me know when to go look at it.

okay, now i'm all dressed (tight, faded boot cut 501's; black "Attack of the 50 Foot Woman" t-shirt). cologned (Black Orchid by Tom Ford) and lotioned (Mario Badascu Super Rich Olive Body Lotion). my hair is straight and my bed is made. my room is clean, but for some clutter doc has left in there, which he is going to take out today and deal with because i will not have him crapping up my room. i let him sleep there because he has no bed, but that is where my largess disintegrates. and it still isn't light enough out to light up the living room.

i was just going through my closet, looking for a shirt to wear and i realized two things: 1. i never unpacked my gargoyles; and, 2. i only have three button down shirts. no, they aren't related, and they aren't supposed to be. i have a real affinity for tshirts. and as my flannels have worn out, i haven't replaced them, so i have one left. the sleeveless one. i should get a couple from the thrift store for winter.

now that the truck is paid off, finances should be a bit looser. we have this week to get through with tight belts, and after that, it's clear sailing.

i also located all the jewelry i made so long ago and never sold. those get photographed today. and with any luck, put up for sale. i'll have to balance them with the happy meal toys because i'm only allowed 100 listings per month, and the sales are "Buy It Now", so they go month to month. i'll fill my quota and then list new stuff when something sells. of course it is a lofty goal to have 100 sales going on at once, but i plan to do it, or come close to it.

the recent sales and purchases have left me with a slew of positive feedback. which is good, i didn't have any for the past 12 months, because i haven't sold for two or three years. ooh, i just got an email. the dog sweater has been shipped and will be here in 10-30 days. i don't mind waiting that long, it's a Union Jack sweater, i want him to have it. and it was so cheap!!! okay, enough about ebay.

according to the tracking, today should be hip pack day. this will be a busy day. i'm sitting here and i have so much to do. i'm telling myself i'm still getting my head together. truth is, once i have my shit assembled enough to dress myself, i'm ready for the day. it used to be so easy. grab what was on top of the pile, or just leave the same clothes on for days at a time. now, every day it's decide-what-pants, which decided-which-shirts. and then getting one of the many shirts. and i'm trying to wear stuff i haven't worn for years. mainly as a means to purge. if something isn't comfortable and flattering around the house, it won't be out of the house and i get rid of it. so i'm slowly whittling down my clothes.

and i have two pair of shoes in my closet. my electric blue doc marten's and my mid-calf lace up steampunk boots. i also have a pair of grey converse low tops i keep in the mud room for dog walks. my other shoes, all five pair of them, are in an orange crate in the garage under a bunch of stuff. i have no need for cowboy boots or neon green doc marten's right now, so they can stay there for a while. it's not like they're going to go bad.

i'm in a mood today, i keep skipping through my play list. maybe i'll listen to some Mozart while i do the computer pillaging. speaking of which, it is time for one more cigarette and a refill of coffee, morning meds, and then time to start on the computer project. i want that part of my tasks done by the time doc gets home at 10:30. it's 7 now. that should be enough time to swap out parts and install the software and drivers i need to make everything go vroom.

have a good morning!

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