Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

well, shit, connundrum

when PsychoCunt lived here, she convinced me to join Plenty of Fish, an online dating situation. today, after months, i got an email from a really cute woman who seems to have a lot in common with me and lives nearby. first date choice? coffee. i am already in love.

connundrum: teeth. my bio makes no mention of my missing teeth and my pictures don't give it away, either. i don't know whether to contact this person and if so, how to address that i am missing my front teeth. fuck me with a bull dozer (i tire of saying "chainsaw" and "pile driver" just didn't seem right).

i got some DVD/CD burning software and burned a copy of Muppet Christmas Carol for Kelli. she didn't ask for it, but i am of the opinion that one cannot go through the holidays right without seeing it. next i'm going to make a really cool label for it. i just have to find a good picture of the Ghost of Christmas Past. that shouldn't be too hard.

doc is out getting me chili from Wendy's. i wanted chili cheese fries the other day and the place he got them from fucked the order all up and gave me bad sour cream to boot. so he asked if he got chili from wendy's and fries, if i could make do. i enthusiastically said, "just get me the chili with some cheese on it," because i love Wendy's chili. and yes, i know how it's made. and i don't care. it tastes good. it is the only thing i will eat green peppers in.

that's another thing about this woman who contacted me, she is a culinary student. i couldn't have built a better potential mate. or potential friend, for that matter.

i'm still waiting for the bloody mail to get here. if my hip pack doesn't get here today, i will cry. i shouldn't. i should be patient. but i want it so much. i should just be happy with the toys i got from the Tech Fairy today. and i have been having fun with them. but . . . hip pack. according to the tracking it should be here monday or tuesday. i must be patient. i am far too into instant gratification.

mmmm . . . good chili. i think i drank it, i ate it so quickly. no fries. i let doc have the fries. i don't like Wendy's fries.

what to do next. i've bathed and lotioned and primped and dressed. made kelli's movie. have to hang laundry. doc's going to the laundrette tomorrow to wash my black clothes that are covered with cat fur and vomit and dry the clothes we hung to soften them. he only dries them for a quarter's worth. so it saves money in the long run. someday i hope we can afford a washer and dryer but this is working for now. i have so many clothes i can never decide what to wear as it is. with all my black clothes back, i will be doubly confused.

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