Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

puppie do too much damage

got up around 6, late for me, and doc was up. we hung out and drank coffee. i listened to xmas music, he watched TV. then i took a lousy nap. i had my comforter on chewy and i and it got too hot, and i hate more than anything to wake up sweating. i just hate to sweat. on my face. it itches. i don't mind working up a sweat but just sitting or laying and sweating sucks. so i got up and got over that. oh yeah, and i took a bath. that was an adventure. Tulip (i really hope doc changes her name) was in the bathroom, as that is her room while she recuperates. i figured i would go in, have a nice soak and a read and shave my legs and wash my hair. check on the last two. the first two, not so much. i was laying there reading and she climbed onto my chest, over the water. then she started kneading my belly, which was also sticking out of the water. after i shaved my legs and there were no bubbles left, she tried to step on my arm, which was submerged. Today We Learned "Wet". she is so cute.did i show you this picture yet?

i tried something different with my hair today. i usually use an anti-frizz gel that is no longer available (i bought a case of it back in the day because i just knew they would discontinue it after i figured out i loved it) and give it the "wet look". doc thinks it's too dated, too grungy. so i tried using the Enjoy (stupid name for a hair product that costs so much) oil i use when i straighten it. i figured it would let it be curly, but keep the frizz down. i was wrong. frizz out. but on the bright side, my hair was pre-conditioned when i straightened it. i feel so vain doing it. but i can't help it. i have always wanted straight hair, and just when i came to tems with my curls, they up the technology on the flat iron. so it's so easy and fast to straighten it now. and i love it so much more straight, no frizzies, you can see how many colors of yellow and white it is in stripes, which i think is neat. i was thinking about dying it purple.

no, i won't dye it purple. i would get sick of that so quick. i'll buy a wig. i have a leloo dallas wig. of course. i've never seriously worn it. i actually think it looks better on this one teddy bear i have than it does on me.

more of my ebay stuff sold. time to list more. i only did a dozen sales at a time, because i didn't want to get overwhelmed. but now four have ended, i can set up more. and i need to pack a stack of paper for shipping with the others tomorrow. no problem.

so i've noticed with straight hair that i can tell when it's getting dirty because it starts sticking together and i can't easily run my fingers through it. i know this because i obsessively run my fingers through it. heh. something else i couldn't do when it was straight. but i will say, i'd rather have naturally curly hair because you can fake straight but you can't fake a natural curl. i'm getting it cut soon. the ends are breaking with the heat of the flat iron, the oils only mitigate the damage so much.

when doc gets home i have to give Tulip her meds. one liquid, one paste and one sprinkled on her food. no problem. she gets the paste twice a day and i gave it to her last night and she liked the flavor of it. so that was easy enough, i figure i'll give her the liquid first and let her chase that with the paste she likes, then give her the food and let her eat it at her leisure. she is barely sneezy, and very active. this is nothing like the infection that jack had. i was expecting a Very Sick Cat. nope, just a bit of a cold.

the director of foster care at the animal shelter is calling us on monday. i wonder if she is going to ask us to foster. we've adopted three cats and a dog from them in the past year. maybe they figure i've got the free time to foster. it's an added cost, so it's up to doc. i'm cool with it. kittens though, not dogs. puppies do too much damage. a few kittens every so often i can handle.

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