Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

poor little kitty

we got a call from the animal shelter this morning. New Kitten has a respiratory infection. now we're going to foster her for 10 days and bring her back to get spayed and finalize the adoption when she's well.

i sanitized the floor in my bathroom, and though it won't stay that way long, it's clean enough for her. i put a small litter box and the bed in there. that way we can keep her segregated, but not all the way back in doc's bathroom. we will be able to hear her if she meows.

this computer is really wanting to die. though it was nice enough to let me run photoshop and dreamweaver at the same time today. now it is lagging as i type and this is the only program open. it has done its job well, but i'm not ready for it to die. so i will do some more maintenance on it and see if i can't get it to behave.

i went to email the winners of my ebay sales and doc had checkdisk running on the laptop. grrrrr. he could have warned me he was doing that before he left. i have to email this lady. i don't want her getting her package before she hears from me. it is not easy securing 100 12'x12' sheets of paper for shipping. boxes are impossible to find. so i secured cardboard to the top and bottom of the stack of paper and then wrapped the whole thing in brown paper and taped the shit out of it. i think that should get the paper to its destination safely.

so earlier, i had to reinstall ChillCam because it was just freaking out and wouldn't upload pictures. when i restarted it, it wouldn't recognize the 3Com cam, but it recognized the logitech, so i worked with that and set it up, then all of a sudden the program decides it can't see the logitech but it can now see the 3Com. i'm confused. i need another cam program. i just don't know what is out there that is comparable. i've googled it and haven't come up with anything useful. funny thing is, in both instances, it recognized the tv tuner on the graphics card. i have no desire to hook up cable to the computer, though i could if i wanted and break a million copyright laws.

"oh, that badge had better be real or my buddy's gonna kick you in the FBI-balls" -- NCIS Los Angeles

doc went early to get New Kitten, i wonder if they made him wait until 4. though, wait, he's been through the process already . . . oh, no, he would have had to talk to the vet and find out the dosing on the meds they are sending home with her. i really appreciate the shelter being proactive, i mean she was paid for, they could have just foisted her off on us, infection and all. but they didn't. they treated her and called us and were really cool about it. i love this shelter. it isn't a no kill shelter, we don't have one of those here. but they do so much in the community and they are so involved with the pets they adopt out.

my point was, it's taking doc forever to get back. either that or time has stopped in anticipation.

wow, it finally got above 82, at least in here. i don't know about outside, but the a/c just kicked on.

okay, i can't take this lag anymore, i'm going to restart the computer and see if i can't get rid of it.

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