Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

two hours spent working on the spreadsheet, two hours spent trying to coax the computer back to life. it had a little episode. to be fair, i was running Word, Excel, ChillCam and Windows Media Player at the same time. and it is a very old computer, not used to such things. now i've got it working again and i've lost the desire to work on the spreadsheet. i'll wait until after i've had my breakfast. which doc is out getting. breakfast croissants and a chocolate shake, i do it all low cal, baby.

i have to go check the laptop and see if anything else sold on ebay. then i have to go pack up what did sell so doc can get it in the mail today. he can do that before he picks up new kitty. so i bought myself breakfast. if those sales i got emailed about last night go through, i'm getting a hip pack. before i spend the money on other things. i want to get that out of the way. i'm still debating new boots, but the hip pack is a must. for dog walks, if nothing else. and let's face it, walking the dog is the only time i leave the house.

okay, i'll go do that before doc gets home and wants the laptop back.

have a good day.

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