Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

hey! it's saturday, where are my cartoons?

i have made labels for all the DVDs i use regularly. i have printed out every picture i could want to. i love my new printer.

some of my ebay stuff sold over night! i think i'm going to get me a hip pack. i looked very closely at one last night, one i have considered before. it will fit my phone, and mp3 player. it won't fit my wallet, but there is a theft proof pocket with a covered zipper for my cards and cash. it also has belt loops, so if i want to wear it on my belt, i can. this will come in handy if i ever find my dream belt. the only thing i don't like about it is that it is brown and tan faux aged leather. i would prefer black. but i really like the design and look of it. and the web strapping that is used i can easily get at a fabric store and make a band that goes round my leg. doc really liked the one i showed him that was leather and hung on the hip and strapped round the leg. of course he did, doc has excellent taste, i can get one for the low, low price of $269. bollocks to that. i wouldn't pay that to have someone carry my shit around.

i am finally doing it, i am making a spreadsheet of my poetry. the name of the piece, the file name it's under, and which, if any, book it is published in. when i'm done with that, i will work on whether i have recorded it, where it's located on my site, and the same for videos. but the main part, the hard part, is the first part. i don't actually have a digital copy of "Stop Poking Me, Lady", so i'm hoping all the poems in there are contained in this one monster file i have. i think they are. i have so much work i'm not familiar with. i've just been moving it from place to place and not reading it. this will help me with that. i have about four more hours of work to do on it. i can take care of that today while i force doc to watch Derek.

and if you haven't seen Derek, and you have a netflix account, go there and watch it. whether or not you like Ricky Gervais, you will be surprised. i've watched the season twice now, and it's hard to get through, it makes me . . . feel. and i want doc to see it and see that RG isn't just a loudmouth atheist comedian (though there's nothing wrong with being just that), and doc likes him anyway. he just resists watching the show. come to think of it, if you don't have netflix, get the series by any means necessary. Gervais won't mind, he wants people to see his shit, he's making enough money, he's not a greedy fucking cunt.

let's see:
- printer
- ebay
- derek
- spreadsheet

that's all i wanted to cover i think.

i'm excited to go read some of my poetry later.

i'm expecting three things to sell today at once, which will give me enough money to order a copy of "Go Ahead, Eat the Daisies" for myself. i can't print it out, it's almost 200 pages. i have the paper and the ink, but it will take most of my paper and ink, it will be cheaper to buy a copy of the book from and way, way easier.

oh dear, i forgot i put Rick Springfield on this playlist. lordy, the memories of middle school that flood back. the library in a trailer with one study table. getting beaten up and bullied by all the black girls. what a time, what a trip. man, am i glad that's over. though i can't say i wish it hadn't gone down the way it did. i wouldn't be the person i am now if it hadn't. and i may have lost those fights, but i don't lose fights any more. in fact, my mouth can get me out of a situation as easily as it can get me into one. now Pat Benatar! this is too weird. i hit "shuffle" and the computer tends to group certain things together. we go through early 80's blocks, like this one; and late 80s blocks; then the 90s-00s blocks. like some psychotic DJ is inside my computer. every time i put my headphones on i take some bizarre trip through my head. it's cool.

speaking of cool, i slept in my flannel jammies last night. which, had i set the cam software up right, you would have seen. but i didn't. i have to look into the problem later, that computer is in the middle of spread sheet joy. and this morning i am smoking in the kitchen, because it is too damn cold out there. it is supposed to warm back up to 90 (the normal high for this time of year) today. as i am not yet ready for winter, i want to enjoy early fall longer, this is good to me.

okay, enough bull shit. one more cigarette. then i move my music over to the other computer and continue on this spread sheet thing. i'll take the dog for a walk in an hour or so as the sun is coming up.

oh! that's right, how could i forget? doc is picking up his new kitten today at 4. he found out she will be drugged from the surgery, so he will be able to take her on the scooter without traumatizing her. since she's freshly opened up, we have to keep her sequestered for a few days and give her time to heal. in that time i have to try and keep my needy ass out of the room she's in so she doesn't bond with me. and i have to make sure doc spends time with her alone in the room bonding. so when she comes out and meets the other kitties, she will run to doc for protection, not me, like major, simon and felix do.

the dog is curled up with doc on the loveseat, so cute.

he brought home a curbside find of a shelf the other day, i need to clean out the corner it is going into. i decided it would look best in the dining room, along the side wall. we have room to move the table out from it and that will obscure any damage it has until i can paint it. i can put my fondue sets on it and cookbooks and hang the steel pot rack over it, it will look nice and store the rest of the stuff we need storage for. plus, there may be room on it to make it into a liquor cabinet as well, which would be cool.

busy weekend. stuff to do on the computer, stuff to do in the real world. things are happening. can't sit still. doc asked me last night if i was taking my anti-psychotics. it took a bit not to react angrily to that. that is the most hurtful thing, when you are going along happily and the person who is supposed to know you the best asks if you've been taking your meds. fuck you. i hate that. but i sat quietly for a moment and turned to him and calmly said, "yes, of course", because that is the truth.

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