Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

another yay hooray!

after some confusion over the name of our bank as it appeared to paypal, we got the account set up and hooked up with my ebay account. i have 8 auctions going right now. some earrings, a necklace and my scrapbooking paper. tomorrow the happy meal toys. i have them out and ready to be photographed.after all this time. actually, looking at the availability of toys and prices, i'm glad i waited another 10 years. so when i'm done here i'll take pictures and list the stuff tomorrow (i can't do any more listing tonight, i have started the smoke, and i can't list clearly).

i feel so fucking great! those things are going to get sold. and the jewelry i make won't just sit around. all i had to do was sit on him, then ask if i could spend $20 on a hip pack. he said "no", as i knew he would. he told me i had to earn the money, and oops, he had to help me with that. so we got it done. then we went out in the garage and dug out the happy meal toys and brought them in. that's when i found the scrapbook paper, i know i will never use it, so i figured why not sell it. take a loss on it, but get it out of here and to someone who will use it. i still haven't decided if i'm going to get rid of my other scrapbooking supplies, most of them are good for collage work. like the rubber stamp alphabets i have and all the edging scissors and paper punches. those things have come in handy. the paper, not so much. i saved some of it for me, went through and took out selected designs, but for the most part i bought the paper because it was pretty and i liked to look at it. i tend to do that. want to look at something so i buy it. having a digital camera has saved me a lot of money.

once i get the stuff listed tomorrow, the hard part starts, the waiting. that's the thing with ebay. it's a gamble. and i haven't been exposed to ebay buyers for a few years, so i don't know what they're like. i priced my stuff based on similar things. one thing i insist on this time around is that i get what the jewelry is worth, considering materials, time and imagination. no bargain basement prices. fair prices. i can't compete with the made in china crap, but maybe there are people out there who don't want something mass produced by child labor.

and bonus, doc is going to make the initial $20 investment in my jewelry making to make the necklaces i think will sell. i'm sure i mentioned them, i have everything i need but one component. and doc is willing to buy that so i can get a bunch of them made and listed. cool.

the guy i went off on the other day texted doc and asked him to make sure i knew he was sorry if i took anything he said personally. i was talking to kelli about it, and she said, looking at it and not knowing what the fuck was going on, it looked like he thought we had a back and forth going and he was really just annoying the shit out of me. kelli has a way of summing it up.

i'm so jealous, kelli is getting the giant rubber ducky. well, pittsburgh is, but she lives there! she is going to pass that giant rubber duck, bobbing happily at the junction of three rivers, every day on her way to and from work. what a way to start your mornings! i've instructed her to take as many pictures as humanly possible. little known fact: the rubber ducky making its US debut in pittsburgh is not the same duck as the one that has traveled the rest of the globe. they had to make a new duck, ten feet shorter, so that it could fit under the bridges in pittsburgh (of which there are approximately ten million).

i gave up coverage of Cruz's fake filibuster in favor of a 6am to 8pm NCIS marathon. oh yeah. fuck the news, NCIS is on. i kind of want to be surprised at what congress does come 10-1. instead of listening to all the speculation leading up to it. all the useless and purely academic arguments, i can do without on this one. surprise me. do your shit, and i'll check in on you in a few days to see what you've done to my carpet. (gettin' all metaphorical, and only 3:20)

kelli didn't text, so i will assume she didn't get my package again today. ergh. yes, i said kelli and text in the same sentence. i guess it's time to come clean, kelli and i have cell phones. she has a smartphone and i have one of those free emergency phones. i usually call her on doc's phone, because i save my phone for emergencies for the most part, and doctor stuff. kelli doesn't use hers. i call her on her land line. so just for shits and giggles, i told her to text me, for the first time ever in our 20-something year friendship, when she got the package.

i've played with doc's phone, which is nearly a smartphone, it still has a keyboard on it, so it's not all that smart i suppose. i surfed my site on it, and it is surprisingly easy to surf my site on the phone, i have the links spaced out well. and the graphics simple. i have to redesign and add to my thumbsucking area, though. the mouse rollovers are no good on a phone, so the message is lost. it was creepy seeing my cam image on the phone, though. really weird. i'm getting old. i have to step it up in the technology department. i went and watched a couple of my videos on the phone, too. so strange. he wouldn't let me install any apps, so no twitter or facebook. my lj page looks really cool on the phone, but i can't take credit for that, it's one of the predesigned sites they offer. but it's impossible to navigate on a phone. good. people shouldn't be multitasking when they are reading my journal, that's just dangerous. may make you drowsy!

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