Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

good sparkling goddamned morning

got a broken three hours sleep. teach me not to pee before i lay down. i'm getting better at going back to bed and staying there until 5am. so the sleep schedule i have is: 2am-5am then 11am-2pm and maybe 8pm-10pm. but not tonight, season premier of NCIS. i'll be awake for that.

i turned off the light this morning before the sun came up and lit some candles and incense. nice and peaceful. i got my head together in record time. and i'm not feeling particularly aggressive today, i think i got it all out of my system yesterday. i thought i was going to be in trouble with doc for mouthing off and i turned out getting a couple of apologies from the person i mouthed off to. it all worked out for the best and i got to mark my territory and put up a "Do Non Fuck With Me" sign in my proverbial yard.

today's task: dusting. i hate dusting. really really hate it. therefore i have a perpetually dusty house. i can't stand it anymore. everything else is so clean and getting so uncluttered, the dust is glaring at me. so i'm going at it today and eradicating it. oh! i forgot to put the cat accessories back after i vacuumed, Bagira is on the scratchy thingy which is on the couch, looking all disconcerted. his eyes kind of cross when he gets disconcerted. just like evie's cross when she's mad at me. it's the weirdest thing with both of them.

okay, dusting done. my allergies are going NUTS. it will pass. the place looks so much better. i also tried to organize a junk shelf doc has in the living room. i'm trying to eliminate it, but it's slow going. at least i found his flash drive, and the lid to one of mine.

god, it's only 8. doc won't be home for three hours. what to do? ahh, head over to MSNBC and see what Congress is up to today. doc found out that if there is a government shut down, my SSI will NOT be affected. so i'm back to my original statements, let the GOP monkeys run rampant, maybe the country will wake the fuck up and vote them out of office next year.

i hear a rumor that americans were involved in the Kenya attack. the Kenyan government insists it's true, the group that did the attacking says they don't know what they are talking about. if americans were involved, so what? that's part of freedom of religion. freedom to be a fucking homicidal idiot. we got all kinds of freedoms and don't you deny it because the NSA is watching you.

i think i want to make some guacamole and do myself up some nachos for breakfast, we have sour cream, too, i think. and i have cool ranch doritos, i could make nachos out of those . . . nom nom nom. bye.

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