Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

looking down i see

there's a hole in my shirt. right over my belly. not so obvious when i stand up, glaring when i lounge. if i could find my sewing kit, i would sew that bastard up. this weekend. we talked it out and set up a game plan for the garage and this weekend we will tackle it together. as it should be.

i cleaned out, swept and mopped the mudroom today. little things that make such a difference. i can walk in there without tromping through cat litter. i don't understand how they get it on the floor, the sides of the litter box are a foot and a half high. it even smells nice in there now. i also did all the dishes by hand and put them away and cleaned the kitchen. that on top of the normal daily stuff. i ended up vacuuming the kitchen rug twice because lelu furred it up between the time i first vacuumed it and the time doc got home.

doc brought home 3 pints of Fosters, a 6 pack of Bass IPA, and a bottle of sake. something tells me we're expecting company. company that does sake bombs. oh, and two dozen eggs. but he forgot the milk. so he's out getting milk. and a pizza. definitely having company, i'm being bought off with a pizza.

there's cats passed out all over the place. so peaceful. they will all gather in an hour and a half and start milling around me and meowing at me to be fed. i'm on people time, they are on astronomical time. the sun gets to a certain point in setting and they decide it's time to eat. i try to keep them on a schedule. and they try to keep me on a schedule. now Evie is in my lap, purring wildly. i barely have to pet her. she's just so happy for the cuddles.

i was just staring at my profile pic and remembered i have to change my pic on the picture is so out of date. and i really like the two i'm using now. one here and one on all my other social media sites. i really like having straight hair, and i think i look much better with it than curly. but that's just me. i asked doc his opinion and he said "straight", but then he said he knew i wanted him to say that. not helping.

this day has gone fast, two hour nap not withstanding. time to think of what i'm going to do this evening. i think i want to watch "V for Vendetta". that means downloading it, of course Netflix doesn't have it online.

ever think someone else has the power in a situation, only to find out you have the power and always have? i ran into that today. great feeling. but a little odd. for me. i'm so used to being powerless.

i just had a huge brownie and i'm not really hungry for pizza. i guess i can save it until later. i like it tepid, so that works.

there are three places in my room that need to be cleaned. my closet, my dresser and my head/foot board. i started it today. took a bunch of old papers out to be recycled and took down the dead string lights that had been accumulating. the closet is half to two thirds done. i just need to hang a couple of dresses and unpack my boots. then my room will be so clean my mom would pass out if she saw it. i can't stand it messy. i can't stand not being able to find things when i want them.

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