Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

retail therapy for the poor

it sickens me how some people thrive on melodrama. i'm not like that. am i? you'd tell me, right? i try not to be. i try to avoid drama, i hope, i mean, that's my aim. i know i'm negative in here a lot but this is my journal, it's me laid out. so i'm all sides here. but i hope i'm not a drama addict like the people i know. i just don't understand why everything has to be the most difficult and the most extreme.

i got through every page of i never want to do that again. i will go to other sites that aren't evil. like the one wastededucation recommended. but it was worth it. i got all the fonts i lost in the back-up mess-up. plus a good three hundred. i guess i should look up what the font limit is in Windows 7. i have about 500 to add. so far. and yes, i will use all of them. i'm very selective when i'm downloading them. i perused some 6,000. so i don't even have 10% than i could have had. heh.

it's retail therapy for the poor. downloading free fonts and stuff for photoshop. to say nothing of my downloading audio/video habit. and all of these things satisfy my want of something new, something fresh to break the boredom. the same as if i went out and got a new piece of furniture or clothing. but not stuffed animal. NOTHING compares to getting a new (or used) stuffed animal. that is a thrill that cannot be equaled to me.

we're not going to the Pup Crawl tonight for Yappy Hour. there was an entrance fee, plus drinks and refreshments, and i said "blow me" to it. i'll keep taking Chewy to the dog park to socialize him with other dogs.

black cats are half off adoption fees this weekend. *sigh* whenever it gets near Halloween, i want to gather all the black cats to me so they don't get hurt. but doc is right, we can't take in another animal. i would be much better off with a hip pack and boots. but it was a nice thought. i've passed on the information best i can, and hopefully some black cats will find their forever homes next week during the event.

i've been immersed in music most of the day, and my mood is much better than it usually is at this hour. and usually i'm looking to go to sleep right about now. i'm just not interested in it tonight.

i plan to play on pinterest for a while tonight. in fact, when i'm done here. the cam is on. and it isn't on the cat area like it was most of the early evening. it's all me, baby. calm yourself. i'm not going to pick my nose. you won't catch me!

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