Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

when you get to that e night where you just want to stab everything

you know it's time to sleep. i finally gave in and took a seroquel. i'll be less crazy tomorrow and i'll get a good night's sleep. my hydration is fine and my blood sugar is fine, it must be lack of quality sleep.

it started when i took a nap on the couch and the dog crowded me the whole time, so i slept in a weird position and woke up with a back ache. then doc had an asthma attack, which got me all nervous, because i can't do anything for him. then we cuddled and things got better. then i made him late, and i got mad at myself, which just continued when i put all the recycling out, just to look up the street and see no one else had, so i had to put it back and i cursed myself for not being able to remember a fucking week ago.

okay, does anyone else with a touch pad have problems with the cursor when trying to type? the ball of my hand always seems to be brushing against the touch pad on the laptop and activating weird mouse functions that interrupt my typing. it is most frust - jesus! it just happened again! - rating. and most weird. if the touch pad was half an inch to the right, it wouldn't be a problem. doc has the same problem when he's playing online games. his hand will brush the touch pad and he will be scrolling instead of firing. silly computer. i've found that if i keep my lj client open and move the cursor to the blank space in the corner, it isn't that much of a problem. but i can't even use Word. i'll be happily typing along and all of a sudden, a sentence will disappear.

yeah, the medicine is starting to affect me. good. at least hours of dreamless sleep is what i need. then i can get my shit together. i'll light some incense and lock the animals out of the room. no, i won't lock the animals out, i can't shut my door when no one is home. even when i'm asleep, if doc leaves, he opens my door for me so i don't wake up and freak.

the wind is kicking up tonight and things are blowing against the house. freaky . . . oooooohhh.

humus crisps, sounds interesting . . .

okay, now i want to stab my laptop, can't take this travelling cursor anymore. good night.

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