Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

Windows is silly

it put "sticky notes" on the menu but not "notepad", and i had something i needed to keep but get off the clipboard the other day. so i played along and opened "sticky notes". part of the screen turned yellow with red lines and just a lot of cuteness. i pasted my thing in it and it came up in script, handwriting, how cute. lordy. needless to say i took it off the menu and replaced it with "notepad". no nonsense, no color, just text. silly windows. maybe someday it will occur to them to make the os more stable and friendly and worry less about the cutesy shite. of course this is all out the window with Windows 8, they just jumped the shark in my opinion.

but i realize i'm getting old. i don't want a smart phone because i am intimidated by it. i don't want a tablet because i can't open it up and fix it when something goes wrong (it was hard getting me to a laptop, which i also, in theory, can't open and fix). i am resistant to the newest level of change. and it worries me. i don't mind getting old. what i mind is getting too set in my ways. i don't want to be that person. i don't want to be my mother. who wouldn't use because she was afraid of cookies on her computer. that won't be me. but i don't like the disposable world that it has become. spend more than rent on a phone that is obsolete before your lease is up. makes no sense to me. is that a sign of getting older or getting wiser? i really don't know.

riddle me this, my package left los angeles last night at 2am to come here, to las vegas, apparently it is coming by wagon train because it isn't scheduled to be delivered by saturday. rarr. if they had sent it through the post office i would have been here by now. my headphones didn't even ship until today. i ordered them friday and they promised to be here by tomorrow, i don't think they are going to make it. last purchase from walmart. i actually would have gone to the store (HA! who am i kidding? i would have sent doc), and bought them, i wanted them so bad, but they were only available online. in store pick-up was for saturday and they have all manner of surcharges with that noise. ack! and i wanted them sooner, but they wait three business days to process the order. dipshits. pay for dipshits, employ dipshits.

so if you had your lj client open at midnight, as i did, a lot of you would have just gotten a notice that tomorrow is zuma's birthday. and i was just getting over the sting of losing him. now i'm all in tears again and i can't see to type. christ.

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