Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

no kids, fewer dogs

sitting here watching coverage of yet another mass shooting. this time at the Navy yard in Washington. i can only be sad for our society. and the things that won't change that will be hashed out over and over in the press.

i'm glad Miss America is Indian American, it's about time someone other than Barbie represented the beautiful women of this country. i'm sure Donald Trump is ritually cutting himself to Screwdriver songs as i write this. good.

i cut the sugar in my coffee in half. it makes me drink less coffee and more water. though i am having a soda as a treat when i get back from my walk with Chewy. i'm trying to get the ambition to work out, i figure after Chewy and i get back, i will have it. i'm being a rebel and taking him for a walk in my pjs. no pockets, but i'll take my messenger bag.

it suddenly occurred to me in my hunt for a hip pack: eBay! so i looked and i found something i liked for $10 plus postage. all i have to do is get doc to set up a paypal account, and i can order myself one this week when my check gets here. it would be more expensive for me to make one, i priced out what i would need to convert my army bag into a hip pack, around $30. and the ones i found had multiple pockets, whereas my army bag is just the one compartment.

i got the shipment confirmation email last night, my recovery disk is on its way, via fedEx. yes! i hope all goes well with it. it would be really nice to have my laptop back to factory specs. and this time i won't let Windows take over.

litter boxes
work out
clean kitchen
sweep patio
unpack books
sort 9/15 cam images
stuff cigarettes

that should keep me busy after i get back from our walk.

B is supposed to come over today. he and doc have scooter repair stuff to do, parts to order, etc. i plan to be outside listening to my mp3 player and drawing.

okay, time to finish my coffee and get my walking-the-dog shit together, i plan to take him to the park this morning. i'm thinking that i'll take him to the park in the mornings and around the neighborhood in the evening. i like the morning crowd in the park much better, no kids, fewer dogs.

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