Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

put down the laptop, doc

i just had to go to storage . . . now the back room is half full of boxes. on the up side, most of the boxes are books, that will go on the book shelf in the back room, so the work there is mostly done. the down side, there's two: 1 - i don't yet fit into the pants i finally found, and 2 - i have to hand wash and gingerly brush out a llama skin rug. i also found 3 boxes of missing xmas decorations, this place is going to be done up this year, and i AM getting a tree. a nice, 5' artificial tree.

we also found a box of halloween decorations. it's time to start visiting the dollar store weekly and stocking up on candy. i AM NOT running out this year.

we also found the camping stuff. i pulled out the metal plates and brought them home. i love those plates. and like i mentioned, i found my missing skinny clothes. the tops fit, the pants don't. but i found all the stuff i was longing for.

and then there are the books. 10 boxes of them. my paperbacks have been packed away for a few years now, the rest of them have been packed since what, march of year before last? a long time. i also have all of my journals back. i had them packed up in one box that was meant to stay with me but got taken to storage. i was missing those. i want to transcribe them.

there were few people out during our trip, which included getting discounted gas for the truck and in a jerry can for the scooter. but those few people got on my very last nerve. we get a lot of dirty looks from the female 20-80 demographic. i don't know why. and there was a tourist couple, in their 70's at the gas station, having an argument with the helpless cashier in his bullet resistant glass cage. oh how i hate people. i wanted to go slap the woman for the cashier. why does everyone have to make things so complicated?

we live far enough away, tucked into the suburbs as we are, from the strip and the tourist traffic, mostly. it's only when i go out that we run into them, usually completely lost and wanting to take it out on a local. or drunk and just a danger to themselves and others.

now i'm home and i've tried on a small wardrobe, eaten lunch and unpacked nothing! but i have a weight loss goal now. a couple more sizes. basically down to where i was when everyone got all concerned about me. but with one big difference now, i'm drinking nutritional supplements and i'm going to be working out as well as walking the dog twice a day. so hopefully i will get more compact, while not losing all the fat from my face and looking like a skull with hair. of course, when i was that skinny, i had shaved my head, so i looked double scary, triple if you could get me to open my mouth and show my teeth.

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