Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i win, and shameless self promotion

good old Google. it found me a page that was still up, but not available from the main page, to order the recovery disk from. hopefully this will work. i ordered it and the headphones. so next week will be cool. pay day and packages.

i found two old friends on facebook, i'm curious if they will add me as a friend. i'm not too invested in it, it's been 20 years. but i apparently wronged a lot of people without realizing it and overstayed my welcome nearly every place i went.

i got both printers working. no ink. and no one seems to sell it any more. so i have a paperweight and a really nice scanner. i also got the logitech cam working on computer1, now i'm trying to get it to talk to chillcam. it might. it's something to play with.

my newest obsession is this:, zentangles. don't know where i've been while these have been going around, but i do this stuff anyway. now i have new patterns to learn.

the time has come, my friends, to subscribe to my channel. you don't have to watch any of the videos, just click the button and subscribe so i can get my name circulating. i'm trying to get discovered in the midst of a midlife crisis. help a chick out, man. please. and thank you in advance.

also, i changed the cam's refresh rate to 30 seconds. it's as close to streaming as you're going to get.

the main thing that has changed about what i do online, is, i no longer hold any illusion about making money at it. now i just want to do my thing and not worry about making a profit. and i will keep using free sites like youtube and pinterest and myspace (yes, even there) to "broadcast" myself in as many different mediums as i can. i don't care if i sell books, the point is, i got my shit together and made them and published them myself. i don't care how my cafepress stores do, i mainly use it to design custom tshirts for kelli and i. i just want people to listen. i want people to watch, to look, to browse. i don't know if i have anything to teach, but when do you get the opportunity to know someone so completely without having to give anything back?

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