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ha ha ha ha ha ha

i missed the Burn Notice finale. i am pretty sure my brain couldn't deal with it ending, so i slept through the show. i'll download it later.

so i got some sleep. ahhhhhhh. i just needed the couch. i've been sleeping in my bed or not sleeping at all and it's been crappy. today after doc went and got us Pay Day pizza, i passed out on the couch. i fell asleep while he was running the vacuum cleaner. it is the last sound i remember.

i made a short video today: a bit of a change. since i have 24,464 images to play with, and some 30 recorded poems, i figured, do them all! this is a love poem to doc. it's short and to the point.

holy shit, huge fire at the shore in NJ. i can't go back there now. too much has changed, between Hurricane Sandy and this. i feel for the people who make their living there. a lot of those businesses have been there forever, even through Sandy, and have just rebuilt. only for this to happen. sucks.

i watched minute to minute coverage of 9/11/01 on MSNBC yesterday morning. i decided that was the day that our country went to Crazytown, never to return. everything's been fuckered since then. just like Kennedy's death ended Camelot, 9/11/01 ended our feeling of being untouchable. and we, as a country, lost our collective mind. seems to me the terrorists won, just not on their time table. it's just taking us longer to implode than Bin Laden would have liked. but imploding, we are.

i am weak and i haven't stopped coffee. but i've gone from a pot and a half to two cups per day. i'm having my second one now. i woke up from my nap clear headed enough, just craving the taste of coffee.

okay, three cups. i made coffee for when doc gets up and it smelled so good, i had to have another cup. but i'm using less sugar. the amount of sugar i use in my coffee is obscene and often a bone of serious contention around here.

i've decided to make pinterest explode. i'm going to go to youtube with my play list open, and put every song i can on my pinterest board for music. that should piss off my followers. but if pinterest is to be an extension of myself, and the music can go up there, it should. i doubt i'll find all 540 songs, but i plan to try.

i successfully stayed off Facebook today. actually i stayed off the computer mostly after doc got home. he went out and did yard work, and i went out and helped him. the humidity has bred giant fungi in strange places around the shed and water box and back corners. i was tasked with digging it out of the water box, where the hose connects. it was the most disgusting thing . . . it was growing around and through the insulation in there and was just a gross mess. and it smelled like mushrooms gone bad. ech.

tomorrow is friday. this month is flying by. my check comes next week. doc hinted that i will have some spending money. first: recovery disk for the laptop; second: headphones; third: jeans. those are my priorities. paying my webhost and postage for kelli's package is a given. which reminds me, i have to find pictures of Major and Chewy to include in that package. i'm sending her a Day of the Dead/zombie lunchbox, and re-gifting something i didn't need and pictures of the animals. and a rock. it's a small green (her favorite color) rock i found among all the pink desert rock that the front yard is landscaped with.

no stray wildlife today. the cats have been busy checking out their environment, since doc raked out a couple of corners where they hang out. we have a dead xmas tree in our back yard, don't ask why. it serves now as a playground for lizards and birds, and a hiding place for Evie. yesterday, during the big storm, she got caught out under it. i was sitting on the patio smoking and i heard a plaintive howl. i called Evie and she peeked out from behind the tree. i said, "run, Evie, run to mommy," and she ran to me, soaking wet. and she has been sneezing all week.

actually, the sneezing is an epidemic. we're thinking and hoping that it's allergies brought on by the three weeks of high humidity. they are all snotty and sneezey. but none of them are lethargic, they are all "themselves", there are no signs of sickness. just the sneezing. it's supposed to start drying out tomorrow (which is good because i've had laundry hanging for days and it's still wet, i'm telling you, it's HUMID here), so the sneezinng should start clearing up. i may give baths to the couple of worst sneezers. just to clear their dander. and i'll brush the ones that get too hostile for bathing.

today was a nice day. sprinkles, sporadic sunshine, so i got some sun today and feel better for it. and it was below 82 all day so we had the windows and doors open. tomorrow it's supposed to get up near 100, but the huidity is supposed to go back down from 70% to 10%.

the painting on the cam right now is one done by me. it's titled "The Suns of Koralee". in the light i can't capture on cam the shading and coloring. all you can see is the purple and yellow. there is a blue corona around each sun. it's in my Purple and Yellow corner with kelli's paintings she did and framed for me. i'm thinking that in the corner with the printer, i don't want to put paintings, because it will make it too crowded. but i have pieces of our old scooter that doc wrecked, that i'm thinking of making a 3D wall sculpture out of. that will put something in the corner that looks too blank, without crowding it all up. and that is the Red corner with the red tube lights and the Picasso. the primary color in the Picasso is blue, but i've decided to pull the red out of it. we don't have a lot of red in here.

i wonder if i can get some black paint this weekend. hmmm. i'll need a brush, too. i guess that can wait.

oh, shit, it's almost time to get doc up for work. where did the time go?

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