Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

"it was only a kiss"

Reading: Richard Brautigan's "A Confederate General in Big Sur".

love it. i'm going to run out of authors with the way i've been devouring the beats. i'll be back to mindless anne rice fantasies before i know it.

doc wants the laptop. *sigh* i have been monopolizing it and i won't let him go to sleep (it'll fuck up his schedule). so the cam is going off soon. i'll see about hooking the other one up and making it work. i don't know who is watching, but people are, so i'll keep it going. i honestly didn't think there would be any interest in it anymore. no streaming, no sound. maybe that is the appeal. the mystery of what is going on those other 29 seconds. whatever. i'm done trying to figure people out.

i had a wife beater try to tell me my worth today. god, did i get pissed. it took doc an hour to calm me down.

it's been a hard day on Facebook. an old friend changed her profile picture and her mother posted about how beautiful she was. i was/am so jealous. my mom has never told me i'm beautiful. whore, dyke, and fat, sure. then a "friend" spouted off on me and made me want to go over to his house and stab him through the eyes. so i'm taking another break from facebook. going back to twitter. where i'm not followed by anyone i have to worry about offending.

"hey ho, let's go!"

okay. time to end this and my hours long music session and let doc have the laptop. great day. nothing on tv and no weed. i think i'll go to sleep.

"the phone is ringing
and the clock says 4am
well, if it's your friends
i don't want to hear from them
please leave your message at the tone
or you can just go on
and leave me alone."

oh, wish me luck, y the way, please. i entered to win tickets so see Adam Ant. winning tickets is the only way i'll get to go, and i really want to go.

have a great day. or i'll hunt you down.

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