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  • Wed, 16:17: in 20 minutes it went from sunny and nice to cloudy with a chance of flash floods. gotta love monsoon season!
  • Wed, 16:34: never give a manic depressive person a mood ring.
  • Wed, 16:52: i'm thick, remind me again why we are blaming Obama for Iraq? idiots.
  • Wed, 23:58: When did world peace become synonymous with world domination?
  • Thu, 00:10: 1 thing the history books don't clearly say: what the fuck happened in Europe in the middle ages that made white people feel so entitled?
  • Thu, 00:15: RT @allthewayleft: If it's so obvious and self-evident that God exists, why proselytize at all? People would join churches with no promptin…
  • Thu, 00:45: he's little, i lose him
  • Thu, 08:30: what day is today? it's Burn Notice day!!
  • Thu, 09:06: stop picking at that
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