Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

woof woof fucking woof

six feet from th side of the house we are on (the garage is on the other side) is a cinder block wall. two feet from that is a balcony with a large barking poodle called miles on it. i don't know if it's keeping doc awake but it kept me awake. the creature has been barking for three hours. oh, and the guy behind us got a mic and amp. and ten o'clock is not too late to sing the Fray off key for the neighborhood. i'm not fond of our neighbors tonight. i'm going to have my morning coughing fit outside on the patio tomorrow and wake all these motherfuckers up.

evie is being affectionate. in fact she doesn't want me writing right now. she'd rather be on my lap, squishing my tummy.

oh my god, i'm going to kill that dog. the girl who owns it has never done this before, so i'm assuming something is wrong. all the lights are out over there and the small dogs are out. but miles the giant poodle is trapped on the balcony, barking his giant head off. i miss my headphones.

maybe i'll wire them back together tonight. i have electrical tape and wire strippers. and the will to have my headphones back.

i will have to admit, laying down felt good. i dozed at one point because doc was calling to me and i didn't hear him. he thought chewy was outside egging miles on. but no, chewy was curled up with me. then i tried to doze again, but the barking was too much. imagine doc thinking my precious chewy was causing this ruckus. chewy is currently passed out on the big couch. i guess if you can sleep in the shelter, you can sleep anywhere. good puppy.

i just went in to get a valiu, yes, miles the giant poodle is keeping doc awake. i don't see him going to work tonight. oh, wait, the dog has stopped. doc can get an hour and a half of sleep if he goes to sleep now.

sweet silence. yay! doc can get some sleep. it's too late for me to lay down. i'll sleep once doc has gone to work.

oh yeah, Jon Stewart is back tonight. i should go out and smoke now so i don't miss any of it. i haven't watched all summer because i really don't care for John Oliver.

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