Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i can't even think of a subject line, it's just too much for me

well, i've been up all night. four boxes unpacked. house vacuumed. kitchen cleaned. things moved around into more permanent places. i have been busy all night. now i'm waiting for doc to get home to help him with his list of things to do. i have no desire to sleep.

chewy has a tummy ache. i don't know if it's because he hasn't gone poopie, or what. he's been out back eating grass and laying on the chair all day. he comes in every so often to cool down. then he goes back out. i thought he was mad at me because he wouldn't come to me, so i sat outside with him for a while and watched him and he is a grass eating machine today. that means he's going to puke, so really, it's best he stay outside. i need to put some water out there, though.

i was hoping the laundry would be dry by now, but it's just too humid outside right now. it's been hanging since 3 this morning, and was in the direct sun for 2 hours. i had just kind of hoped to have had it put away by the time doc got home.

what else can i do today? hang more art. i'm hanging kelli's big painting in the dining room. i have the Ghost in the Shell silkscreen to hang in my room, and the Mirror of Truths. and i have to find something to put in the corner where the printer is. i also need to gather all the empty boxes in the garage and break them down and put them away. that will take a lot of clutter out of the garage. i can think of two big piles of empty boxes that are absolutely in the way.

i found a treasure trove of writing today while i was going through my files. my first poetry book, and a ream of journal pages from various notebooks. i can't wait to dig through it. i have too much other computer stuff on my plate right now to think of adding it as a project yet.

i think they are going to keep printing "Stop Poking Me Lady" over at but i can no longer offer 40% off for you. i know, like anyone is interested. i'm writing this mainly to document it.

cryo, if you're reading this, you made me cry today. i found an old email you wrote me where you said some really supportive wonderful things, that, all these years later, it did me good to hear again. thank you. lilliane, you are one lucky broad.

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