Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

yep yep yep yep

A) we are not getting the chaise we were planning on getting from freecycle
B) i give up on freecycle
C) this town attracts lunatics, or just raises them, but everyone is crazy

i finally got some books up on the black bookshelf. two more boxes unpacked. then i organized the desk. then i made a video from the xmas pictures i scanned last night. then i ate. then it rained.

i was going to walk chewy, but it's raining again and he really hates the rain. i took him out in it last time, i'll give him a break this time.

i changed the cam refresh t 30 seconds from 45. i didn't get the 250k hits i wanted as incentive, but i did it anyway. i'm not doing it for the hits. i enjoy them, it's an ego boost. but then my website has been around for years and has the same name as a defunct but beloved san francisco girl punk band. so anyway, i changed the camera refresh. and i'm working on being on it more. it's followed me around most of the day.

oh, and i dyed my hair. or bleached it, rather. i even did it on cam. ooh, aahh. whatever.

the medication change i just went through has made me a happier person, if more selfish. i'm not turning republican, but i've developed a real "fuck you" attitude about things, mostly things involving people. like syria, for example. fuck them. let them gas each other to oblivion. we are not the parents of the world. it's time to let these religious freaks fight it out and get it over with.

and this crazy woman we've been dealing with for the chaise. god, what a loon. totally uncommunicative for a week while we try to get a hold of her, then all of a sudden she leaves a message at 9:30 this morning, it had to be done right away. fuck that shit. the phone didn't even ring, we were sitting here with it awake. then she emailed me with the same urgency. some old woman has a piece of furniture she wants to get rid of and can't herself, so she freecycle's it. nothing wrong with that, but be cooperative, don't be a pain in the ass and then expect strangers to jump at your whim. fucking loon.

i have discovered something. i am invisible. no matter what i do or say, i cannot get a reaction out of people. it's strange. it's freeing. i was really snotty the other day on twitter toward my facebook account and it, along with all of my other tweets, was forwarded to facebook. nothing. not one word. from anyone. fucking weird. i'm invisible or invincible. or i am just the least important person on social media. whatever it is, it lets me do whatever i want. i like that.

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