Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

chewy hates the rain

chewy hats running, flowing, dripping water. so we went for our walk in the rain today. it rains so infrequently here, i want him to get used to it. he also gets weekly showers. and i make him walk through sprinklers whenever i can. he's always so happy afterward.

he stopped to make poopie and when he was done i picked it up with the poopie bag and looked up and there was the owner of the house, beaming down at me. i pulled out my earplugs from my mp3 player and smiled at him. he thanked me for picking up the poop. i told him i always did it because it was the only right thing to do. he beamed more. he was a nice guy.

then chewy and i went back down the block where we'd come from instead of making the circle because the rain was coming down harder then. we got home in time for the storm to start in earnest.

does anyone else have this issue? when i type, the ball of my left hand sometimes brushes the touchpad and wreaks havoc on what i am doing. especially if i'm writing in here.

the laptop cam was working last night. not so much today. *sigh*

i'm having a very manic depressive morning. chewy is sticking close to me. he wandered off to eat or something and i fucked something up while typing and yelled, "i swear to christ!", and he came running and jumped up in my lap and licked my face. this is one of the reasons i think he would be a good service dog. he is really in tune with my moods.

i made myself a new pair of earrings last night. i wasn't feeling well, emotionally, and needed some retail therapy. when you're broke, you figure out different ways to do this. i picked out ten of the prettiest beads i have and made myself a pair of earrings. so there, bank account. actually, we're loaded right now. but it's all spent. but all the bills and the rent is covered. groceries are budgeted and we have a bit of spending money. i'm going to get my restore disk from Acer.

then everything will work again.

why do i now have two logins to youtube? and why can't i figure out the logon to get in to that account from outside programs, like Windows Live movie maker? these mergers and shit are bull. i've kept everything "cydniey" to keep things simple and these platforms have to fuck that all up anyway.

litter boxes
empty dishwasher
do dishes
rinse and hang laundry

it seems obvious to me now that the sun is not going to come out. the sky is solid grey/black. so i have the light on in the living room.

oh, yesterday i took the perfect bath. i put my super light show night light in and set up the laptop to play music and made myself a strawberry hookah. then i ran the water pool temperature. it was so nice and peaceful. today i am out of bubble bath.

doc is getting me hair bleach so i can do my roots. i'm rocking the early madonna look and not liking it. so i can do that this weekend.

if it doesn't rain too heavily i can finish raking the yard. the dead pine needles are choking off my ivy. so i have to do something about that.

i will play with the cam today and try to get it working. i didn't make 250k hits this month, but i'm changing the refresh time to 30 seconds, anyway.

that reminds me, i need to read up on fixing my coppermine area of my site so i can upload more.

ha ha ha, vader just got caught out in a down pour. amazing how fast that cat can move when properly motivated.

okay 20 minutes of music, then chores.

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