Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

a journal entry

my tooth is going to fall out. it's black and loose. i'm afraid to brush it. it still hurts like a motherfucker. definitely not a diet i would recommend. so i'm going to lose another tooth. some day i will have the 2k to get implants. i'll be 50, but i'll have great teeth.

i cleaned my room, fed the cats, vacuumed and made my bed. if i'm feeling ambitious, i'm going to sweep the porch. for some reason i like getting all my work done before doc gets home. i did the litter boxes and took the bag out to the curb. oh yeah i just thought of another place my firewires might be. i'm going to go look while i'm thinking about it.

nope. power cords, co-ax cable and monster cable. dammit.

is it only 8:17? i've been up for two hours. and i've done everything. i guess i could do the dishes. i got up at 5 initially, and resentfully went back to bed and slept for another hour and a half. sitting up with chewy in my lap. i was sitting sideways on my bed leaning on all the stuffed animals. so comfortable. my room really is designed to spend all your time in it. dark, cozy, clean, cool (temperature wise) and it smells of incense. i keep the litterbox clean, and keep the window open a bit, but i don't like the neutral smell, so i burn a stick of incense in there every day.

i went pinterest crazy again last night. i can't help it. it is the perfect way of expressing myself. instagram can suck it. facebook can suck it too because they don't let you pin from their site.

today's pinterest page to visit is 19 of the best pictures of my puppy wuppy.

i brought two more paintings in to hang. the picasso will be last. it is going over the entertainment center. the purple and yellow series kelli did will be next to the lamp with the yellow and purple shades.

more searching of the house. nothing. rarr. i even found the drivers to my mp3 player.

i'm thinking of training Chewy to be a Service Dog. first we will have to socialize him, then off to an obedience class. one of the articles i read insisted that you must get it as a puppy to establish the right bond. but Service Dogs are fostered and passed from owner to owner through their training before they get to their final owner.

i think he's the right fit. he already comes to me when i'm upset. he just needs social training. well, and the official Service Dog training. i'm going to have to start taking him on regular walks. he's not using the backyard for running around like i was hoping he would, so he's not getting enough exercise. plus he needs to go to the park to socialize.

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