Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

have a good night

i call her Rat. because that's what she is. a mouse sized, young rat. brought to me injured this morning by evie. one leg works. and she can't lift her head. but she can eat and drink and with my help, go to the bathroom. (a little secret i learned when my nana fostered ocelots for the oakland zoo, you get a warm wet washcloth and softly brush it over the genitals, this is what mother's do with their tongues when the rats/cats/pups are too young to go by themselves). i fed her some cheese and gave her some kibble. i feed her water every two hours. i have to hold her over the bowl so she can dip her head in it. i'm not getting attached to this one. i'm attached to this one. i can't help it. i know she's going to die, or i'm going to have to take care of her for a while. but it's no secret i have a soft spot for rats. they are three after cats and dogs. they may even be ahead of dogs, except for my dog. and she is the cutest. for a field rat. i wonder where evie found her. i really hope we don't have field rats.

and in the nest of recovery outside is a freshly watered injured dove. she's not badly injured. she's in shock right now. so i picked her up and put her safe in the nest until she gets her head together enough to fly away.

other than that, not a lot is happening. doc fixed the fence today, much to the consternation of chewy. so i got to spend all day outside with chewy in the back yard.

SNL really sucks any more. i guess it has sucked for a while, but i'm watching it right now and i'm not impressed. maybe i'm too old for it. it seemed funnier when i was younger. but then, so did letterman, and i think he's the one that's changed. now he's just an ornery old man.

okay, now i'm just rambling. and to be honest, the ball of my left hand and the touchpad aren't getting along which is making this difficult.

have a good night.

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