Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

the story of Star

about three days ago we noticed a small black bird in the yard that the cats would play with, but not kill. several times we picked it up and set it free, just for it to return the next day. it has one wounded wing, and a paralyzed foot that he gets around pretty well on. i mean she. she.

so today when evie brought her to me, i picked her up and cuddled her and she fell asleep. so cute.

evie and frddie both nurfled her, it was so cute. vader chases her for a little while, but when she goes into evie's lair, he leaves her alone. even felix is uninterested in her. she has plenty to eat outside, i'm going to put some water out for her.

so, a new addition to our zoo. we have been adopted by a lame bird, which may have been a pet. it is very easy to handle and jumped up on my finger earlier. i have a picture i'll tweet and post later. i have to find it in this mess first.

do not buy acer. add that to my list of computers not to buy. ugh. time for doc to take over the research for a while. i'm going to relax and pet whatever is leaning up against my back right now. ooh, it's a simon. fun.

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