Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i got my head shrunk

i got some more sleep. i think i'm caught up now. i have work to do on the computer today that i have been putting off. camera archives to go through, poetry to input. three books to reformat.

once again, "Stop Poking Me Lady" is going out of print. it's some of my best poetry. is the link to my page on, where you can buy it.

i saved a baby pigeon from the Trinity this morning. they have a crow now, that i can't get a hold of to save. once it plays dead, they will lose interest. and there was half a dead lizard on the porch this morning. joy and magic.

i have to call the doctor's office today and find out if i have an appointment coming up. i can't find an appointment card, and i can't remember if i made an appointment.

it's hot in here. i'm going to lower the thermostat until doc gets home. there, set to 80 now. it was on 82.

i am still mad at doc for last night. i thought it would fade by now. maybe it will by the time he gets home. i hate to be mad when he gets home. it's bad enough he's coming home from a full night's work, but to have to deal with my attitude isn't at all fair to him.

maybe i'll clean out the junk drawer box from the apartment. i can do that after i vacuum and empty and refill the dishwasher. i can just imagine doc's face when he gets home and i'm in the middle of the kitchen floor surrounded by te sorted contents of the junk drawer. that seems worth it.

he trimmed the cypress trees yesterday, thy look really good. they were looking funky. no more, now they stand up straight and true. no floppy branches hanging off looking scary. they looked like they had tentacles. it was frightening at night. and i'm not one to be frightened out back. not with the locks and the rocks and the lights.

i'm trying to decide what movie to watch after i do my chores. i've downloaded most of my favorites.

do you know, i have the sudden urge to work out. where the fuck is that coming from?

i have a toothache. i have a tooth with a big hole in it and it's hurting badly. we can't afford for me to go to the dentist right now, either. this sucks. everything costs money. we didn't go to first friday this month because we didn't have the money for gas or the bus. we should have taken the scooter.

doc wants me to go back to poetry slams. he wants me to get excited about my poetry again. kind of hard when everyone else is ignoring it. i got one piece of feedback from my work, from ionracas, and i keep it in my inbox and look at it almost daily. i still don't know how to answer it, but it means worlds to me.

it is discouraging being a poet. poetry is so out of fashion. i'm 50 years too late. i was born at the end of the era i fit into.

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