Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

felix is a killing machine

he brought home another dead pigeon this morning over my morning coffee at sunrise. he doesn't bring them to me anymore, he brings them to evie, and if she isn't around, he brings them to her lair out in the yard, there is quite an accumulation of dead animals out there. i'm going to ask doc to clean them up today.

major is fittng in, he and vader get along really well and he and simon get along very well. he'll sit on my bed and howl to get me to come in and pet him. he also howls when simon wants me to come into the bedroom and give him attention. major will sit in the window and howl while simon sits on the bed and waits for me to come in. it's so cute. they've both been coming out more. simon has finally decided the dog is not going to hurt him, or that he can take the dog easily. so that relieves some of the tension. speaking of major, he's in my room howling. so cute!

the dog is a source of frustration. actually, the hole in the fence is a source of frustration. he got away today and when he came back i looked at him and said, really harshly, "you suck" and he took off again. now he's on the couch passed out. he was pouting, but sleep overtook him. so another thing i'm asking doc to do today is go to storage and get the tent stakes to fix the fence. once i can let him out in the back yard, i think a lot of problems will be solved and he will be much more active.

the cam was off for a day because i thought it was on. doc was in charge of it. FAIL. so now it's back on pussy cam. there are actually some cats on it now. and now with a decorative blue bucket. i need to put that bucket away.

i vacuumed and emptied the dishwasher. i need to do the big litter box. that will take three minutes of my time. the dog and the cats are fed. and watered. the dog is walked, thanks to his escape. he got a bath yesterday. he smelled so good when he was done. then he went out and rolled in the dirt. the water i washed off of him was grey. he smelled like dirty dog. now he just smells like dog. from now on he gets at least once bath a week.

yes, doc has to go to storage today. and get the tent stakes and some books. all i have left is The Sound and the Fury and Daughters of Darkness: Lesbian Vampire Stories. i don't want to read either of them. i want some nice brainless anne rice.

i want to say that in my opinion, UPS sucks and the way they are treating their non-union employees in the name of ObamaCare is shameful. it's FedEx for me from now on. i wish doc could move laterally to Zappos. they treat their employees really well. and they are opening up a big new facility downtown, much adding to the restoration of downtown. they are a good company. but i fear if he moves over there, he will have to take a pay cut. and he makes a lot of money (which is why it was so weird when we ran out) per hour. he's been with the company 3 years or more now.

kelli won't go to disneyland with me when she comes out. i'm going to have to go alone. take the bus to anaheim and find my way from there. it will take some serious money saving. it's almost $100 just to get into the park and ride the rides. of course i will want to eat at my favorite restaurants and carts. don't care about souvenirs, i'll take my cameras and that will be enough. i'll be one of THOSE tourists taking pictures of everything. i can get my own post cards printed out. and i don't need another tshirt. i just want to walk through and ride the rides. and eat. must eat disneyland food.

i can't believe it's august already. we've had chewy and major a month.

we still check the shelter once a week for jack and i get emails from the two local shelters daily showing me the newcomers. so far no sign of jack. he's been gone 7 months. i don't think we're ever going to see him again. i look at major and vader and they look so much like him. major has his eyes and vader has his face. my clones are not the same, they are not my jackie.

doc informed me (as i played it) that he hates Golden Earring's Twilight Zone. i don't know how much longer we can stay together. he hates ALL my music. and i hate his. and my headphones got eaten. grrr. that was major. chewed right through the cord. doc is going to try to splice it back together, but i have low hopes. i've been using his, but they fit loosely over the ears and let too much noise out. i have to listen to my music really low and we all know that louder is better.

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