Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i give up

i have tried to keep the cat toys and dog toys picked up. but they keep dragging them out. every time i put a few away, a few more appear. now there is a dog toy on the couch. i give up.

we bought chewy a new toy today. he didn't have one of his own, so we took him to petsmart. i got yelled at for taking him near the cats. he showed no interest in any of the toys. we got him a ball made of shredded felt. something to chew on and chase. i want to teach him how to fetch. so far he's chewed on it for 12 seconds and used it as a pillow for an hour.

the people behind us are playing some strange music. it's spanish, with a warbling male singer backed up by what sounds like a marching band. i couldn't figure out what the beating noise was until i went out to have a smoke and heard it without the filter of the house. better than the 36 hours of death metal from next door earlier this week.

i'm so trazodone hungover. doc urged me to take one, to get some sleep, so i finally did. i slept for four hours, then woke up starving and feeling like stir fried cat shit. i ate and then took the dog for a walk to see if that would clear my head. but the pavement was too hot for him, so i ended up carrying him around the block. putting him down to pee every so often.

i didn't help.

so now i'm just waiting for it to wear off. it's been three hours. the headache is gone. i just feel foompy now. i am struggling to stay awake. i'm waiting for the sun to go down, then i'm taking off my pants and going outside to smoke a hookah. and hopefully watch a storm. it's trying to get over the mountains now.

so, how about that plague ridden squirrel in LA? i could have given you several reasons why i don't go camping. now we have another. *shudder* that's what they get for having fleas. we don't have fleas. we have skeeters in some areas, but none near here, and no fleas. i guess lizards aren't good eats to a flea.

doc helped me write the end of the poem i wrote today. this is significant. i've never made him read my poetry until i started writing my new stuff. and four out of five times he has given me ideas to finish the pieces with. i'm really enjoying his help.

speaking of doc, how about an update on how we're doing? he loves me again (after 6 years) i can wake him up with a kiss, with no bad consequences. he hugs me from out of nowhere. and he has started diffusing my "moods" with humour. we've been having a lot of fun together. we enjoy spending time together again. we still argue, what couple doesn't after 13 and a half years.

ooh, thunder. i'm heading outside.

have a good night.

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