Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


it is quarter to 8 in the morning and i have just finished my chores and it is humid and i'm glad i got that stuff done. there's stuff to do outside, but no way am i going out there.

i made two new videos last night of my poetry. "God Our What?" and "Excuse Me, Myth". for some reason, these are the two most popular on my site, so i finally made videos for them. you can find my youtube channel here:

so, yay for the royal baby. i was hoping for a princess, but it ain't m kid, so i wasn't that invested in it. seems healthy. that's what matters.

no dead birds this morning. just a couple of half-eaten lizards. felix only eats the small ones, and only the back half.

chewy is getting used to going potties in the back yard. i have to take him for a walk in a few minutes. run him down to the park.

and that is all that is in my mind. i have a couple of pics to tweet, i'll do that later today. i can't reach the camera from here and yes, i am just that lazy right now.

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