Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i should go do that now

it is a gorgeous night. the monsoon that came through here brought cool breezes and brought the temperature down about 20 degrees. and it killed the humidity. humidity is a bitch in the desert. it doesn't happen a lot, but when it does, oy! the misery! but now it's brilliant out.

doc got caught in the storm on the scooter. he sought refuge at a nearby friend's. i was really worried about him. next time the sun disappears all of a sudden, he takes the truck.

the walk with chewy tonight was great because of the weather and the harness. he's been slipping out of his collar while on the leash and leading me for half mile chases. that had to stop. so we use the cat harness on him. walks are much better now. when we first leave, he drags me along, choking himself if i try to slow down or reign him in. even in the harness. he's a damn good dog, though. we got so lucky with him. i was always afraid of adopting shelter animals, because i was afraid they would have behavioural problems. but we've been really fortunate. vader and major and chewy are dream pets.

it's supposed to rain on and off all weekend. we plan on doing some yard work in between. we HAVE to stake down the chicken wire on the gate so chewy can't get out anymore. that way i can let him out in the backyard to go potties instead of taking him on twice daily walks. i'd like to get it to one walk. he wears me out. we can work our way back up to two, but i'm just not dealing well with all the exercise after none for so long.

i found some hemp butter in the freezer today and made brownies. they had no effect on me. they made doc pass out. i'm a smoker, not an eater.

oh, i didn't spend any private time with simon yet today, i should go do that now.

have a nice night/morning.

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