Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i grind my teeth

"Rap rap rap" on the top of my head, "Cyd! Stop grinding your teeth!" i just straight up woke up. that was an ugly way to wake up. i told him that when he got up. rather angrily. he said he shushed me and petted me, but none of it worked.

i don't know why i grind my teeth. i know in my sleep it's pleasurable. i don't realize i'm doing it, i just think i'm eating peanuts or something crunchy. to the outsider it sounds like rough metal grinding on rough metal. and i don't have that many teeth left that meet up to grind. dentists have tried retainers, but i pull them out in my sleep to suck my thumb. which is what doc does, he tries to get me to suck my thumb when i'm grinding my teeth.

of course, i grind my thumb. i've woken up with it bitten open before and i have a callous from biting down on it while i suck it. it has been happening more lately and i don't know why. i guess because i'm not taking valium before bed and i need to. apparently i need to calm the fuck down, even in my sleep.

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