Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

the couch is sneezing

i believe freddie is under there. chewy of course, is up here with me.

he has attached himself to me. when i'm sitting down, literally. he must be touching me at all times. walking is more of a challenge, he just pulls a cat move and weaves in between my legs while i walk and hopes i don't fall on him. i just pushed him away from me to create a lap for the laptop and he's looking at me all hurt. some wookie he is.

everyone but vader seems okay with the fireworks so far. but sundown isn't for a couple of hours. we'll see if he calms down any as the noises become more frequent. chewy is just passed out, like all the cats.

we found out felix has been going next door and letting himself in through the dog door. they don't seem to mind. and it makes me feel better that he's got a cool place to be during the day, when i can't keep him in without locking him in the bathroom for 6 hours. now that i know he's going next door, i feel better about not locking him in the bathroom. where he would be supremely unhappy, but cool. this way he is happy and cool. i have a feeling that felix is frequenting every house with a dog door in the neighborhood. that's just the kind of cheeky cat he is.

they're calling for thunderstorms later this evening. after the fireworks and such. i'm wondering if we'll be able to see any here. we're in kind of a low area. and the trees surrounding us are huge. which is rare here, unless it's transplanted full grown palms. but here we have palms that have grown up and other kinds of trees. mulberry and pine and cypress. so visibility is an issue.

oh, how cute, chewy is twitching in his sleep. makes me want to wake him up. but i won't. now he's growling and woofing in his sleep. this just gets more adorable by the second.

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