Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


it's cold in here and i love it. it's still 100 degrees outside so when i get too cold, i go outside for a while until i get too hot. and on it goes. the games i play with myself when i'm bored and sober.

four days without pot. i'm finally starting to feel normal. oh, wait, maybe that's the valium. hopefully i won't have to go much longer without it. i really am losing my mind. i've been sleeping all day to pass the time. i've been sleeping all night because i can.

i'm sleeping on cam again tonight. i know, it's not that interesting, but if you're bored . . .

the cam has been trained on the couch, on me. i don't do much. i didn't feel like making any jewelry tonight and now it's too dark. so i just sit and cuddle with the dog.

speaking of the dog, he gets his first bath tomorrow. finally he won't smell like kennel. we had to wait a week to let his sutures heal. now they're healed and tomorrow is bath day. they gave us a kit at the shelter with all sorts of full sized dog stuff. shampoo, and joint helpers and chicken and sweet potato treats, which he loves.

we got him a beef flavored rawhide bone that he just started to show interest in today.

he won't go potties in our back yard, so i have to take him for walks to go. it's good exercise for me. he walks fast and i try to keep up with him. there is a yard with a big water feature that Chewy wants to swim in. every time we walk by it, he heads for the water.

then there was the fight he picked with a pit bull today. not the brightest dog. he seems to think he's much bigger than he really is.

he's finally started barking. mainly at the cats. especially when they are in his food. he chases vader and major around the house and has appointed himself feline cop. any time a cat gets scolded for doing something wrong, Chewy goes after them. it's so funny. he doesn't catch them, just gives them a warning.

he's started foomping and letting me rub his belly. his newest thing is lightly chewing in my hand while i pet his belly. it's so cute i could weep.

the shelter we got him from wrote to me today and wants me to tell the story of his adoption so they can put it in their newsletter. i'm really flattered. so tomorrow i'll write down the story and email it to them. starting with falling in love with him online and moving on to my hour long search for him at the shelter. once i found him, i grabbed the first volunteer i could find and made her let him out. she took my ID to keep with his papers. doc and i walked him around the shelter grounds. he is so good on a leash.

long story short, i love my new dog. he sleeps with me at night and follows me around during the day. right now he's sleeping next to me. i just want to wake him up and fuzzle him. but i won't. i've done that enough today.

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