Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

for those of you who watch the cam

and apparently someone does . . . sorry it's been off all afternoon and night. i've been multitasking on both computers with cams. lucky i have this one to post with. i totally forgot about it.

so i ended up losing nothing in the great windows 7 crash of 13. turns out that the new installation of windows stored the old info in a folder on the hard drive. so i've been backing it up onto blue max and deleting it off the drive. i've also been going through a week's worth of cam pics, editing. some 1,500 get deleted for each day.

i found a bunch more poetry on paper that i have to input. i gave up on that today. i did too much of it. i could not do data input for a living. i would go mad.

of course all the pieces i have left to input are long, rambling and in small print. i hate myself sometimes. i shall never again go without backing things up. i have a flash drive for software, one for my play list and one for my writing. everything gets saved and backed up as it's done. no more fucking around having to input shit like it's the damn 80s again.

felix and evie captured a mouse tonight. they so disoriented it that in the hour i made them stay in so it could get away, it stayed on the patio. so when i let them back out, i wished them luck.

major has been hanging out with simon, he's becoming a fraidy cat like simon and it concerns me. he's social enough with me, but not with doc. i have to do something to change it. he can't be bribed with people food or treats. he is immune to them.

thursday is a big day. all dogs at the shelter we go to are "name your own adoption fee". i'm going to pay $50 and get us a dog. small enough not to intimidate the cats, large enough to intimidate intruders. i want something with a real bark. no yappy dogs. something that goes arf or woof. i would like that.

time to start the next download. then i have several programs to install. i see this lasting all night, and you know what, i'm looking forward to it. i'll turn the cam back on as soon as i am done with computer1.

farewell and goodnight from computer2. have a good one, or i'll hunt you down and tickle you until you pee.

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