Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i had an "oh shite!" moment

i tripped over the laptop cords and knocked it off the couch. the screen went blank. doc fixed it. he took the power and the battery out and reseated the laptop cover, and turned it back on again and everything was fine. i really have to be more careful with this thing. it is my only link to blue max.

i have a bunch of poems on paper that i've been inputting into the computer and i just found digital copies of them. but it would take longer to open the files and clean them up and copy and paste than it will to just type them in. and i'm getting practice typing.

i just had to activate windows on the phone. all went well. i have a legal and official copy of windows7. entitled to all the updates and goodies and invasion of privacy i can handle. whee!

i have so many old designs. i'm going to put them all up in a resume section with the other sites i've done, but with working links, so links on the resume past sites will take you to my current site. heheheh.

it is a consolation that the poetry i'm inputting now is not entirely unpleasant. it was all written between 1988 and 2000. it's simple, lots of pain. not so much anger. more victim poetry than survivor poetry, but it shows how much i've grown and it's all good enough to publish. well, i think they are. they were my main staple up until 2002, so i used them a lot. they were posted on my website in various fashions for the longest time, then someone talked me into not giving it away anymore. plus i found a little girl using one of them, i was flattered, but not happy about it.

if you were watching the cam obscenely late at night, you would have seen me making earrings. i made nine pair in all. one for me and 8 to sell. i need to remind myself to get some earring boards to put them on so they aren't just rattling around in a bag.

i asked doc to get me 12 4"x6" frames at the dollar store for a thing i'm putting together in the hallway. 12 pictures of sunsets i had printed out, the best ones i had. i want to arrange them in frames in the hallway. that will be my entry into putting things up on the walls. we have been reluctant and doc had called a moritorium on things in the wall, but now that we've been here a year and it looks like we'll be here for a while, he's lifted it. i just can't get started. to much old, tired art, too much white wall space. i'm thinking i might break it up with hanging fabric. i've always liked the look of it.

it's only 96 out, i think i'll go out and read for a while in the sun, get some sun on my shoulders and legs.

have a great father's day.

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