Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i'm getting the stuff all confuzzled

the mice and the keyboards and the monitors and the AHHHH.

i'm trying to fix computer2. it needs sound drivers and the disk drive hooked up and the USB hub checked out. i'm confident as long as i can stay online, i can fix it. the sound drivers are turning out to be a big issue. now it has frozen up. see, this is going to be an all night thing. i can't even find out what model it is.

the cats are all stalking each other. i'm assuming Major is asleep because i don't hear him meowing. oh, i spoke too soon. there he is. going off to eat.

now i am restarting my computer. here's hoping the latest download worked.

i'm just doing this because i'm bored. i don't really need sound on this machine. it would be nice for doc to play his games. but i'm not in a big panic about it like i usually am. no one is looking over my shoulder.

speaking of which, without Syzane hounding me for it, i managed to find the other speaker to my stereo.

now we turn the computer off and take it apart and see what the hell the issues are. i have a feeling mike pulled a bunch of cables out of spite when i asked him to fix something once. because everything worked when i got it. and i didn't do anything to it. rarr.

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