Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

about pot and cats

tomorrow is the big day. i talk to my shrink about getting a medical marijuana card. it would be a lot easier and cheaper if he would back me up on it and help me with it. if not, i'm doing it anyway. next month i fill out the applications with the state and pay the fees. then i go see a doctor, or send in my doctor's form, then pay more, wait, get a temp card, and i'm off.

we've already started with regular dosing of moderate amounts. i smoke about a half a gram of chronic a day. it's a lot for most people, but after smoking for 20 years and all the medication, it takes a bit more, a bit more often than most people. i've tried ingesting it, but i can't stand the taste unless the hemp butter is in cookies or brownies, the chocolate drowns out the hemp flavor. i'm going to try to make a spinach/feta quiche with hemp and see if i can stand that, i'm hoping the feta and the red onion will mask the flavor of the hemp.

Major has made himself at home finally. he sleeps on the comfy chair, or the cat chair, as it is coming to be known. he finally was out for wet food tonight, and he ate first, even chasing off felix. good kitty. felix needs to be humbled a bit. ever since he started coming home only for meals he's had this attitude that is making me frustrated with him. he hissed at me tonight. i was not standing for it. he wanted to go out. and my rule is, hissy cats don't get let out, they get put in the mudroom for a time out. a nice, quiet meow gets cats let out. so i talked to felix about this until he chilled out and gave me a nice, polite meow. then he went out for the night.

now is the time of the night when all of the cats hide for a nap. they will get up in an hour or so and start running around like manic racehorses on acid. that's the fun part of the night, the part i usually hide in my room from and sleep through.

my multi-colored lights in my room died. now i have a string of white tube lights draped over the curio at the foot of the bed. it illuminates nicely, without being too much. i can sleep to it. simon curls up with the end of it, he seems to like the warmth. with all that fur, in the desert, and he is curled up with hot lights.

ooh, baggy is up, i think i'm going to go play with him.

have a nice night!

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