Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

what kind of animals do i inhabit this planet with?

and i mean humans.

"7-foot gator found in basement was reportedly abused"

i'm sitting here weeping after reading the story. any animal cruelty is beyond horrid, but such a beautiful creature as an alligator . . . it is just so fucked. my favorite animal, after cats, of course, is the alligator, followed closely/tied with the crocodile. they are such gentle creatures. gators, not crocs, of course. but what kind of sick fucking macho dickless douchebag taunts an alligator? i just can't have any faith in humanity. i just can't.

we don't respect each other, fine. we can blame politics, money and religion for that. oh, and skin color, but that wouldn't be an issue without the other three. but when we pick on animals it is unforgivable. there is NOTHING that can justify that. not money, not religion, not politics. it's just done out of meanness.

fuck people. fuck this world full of pathetic bullies. almost everyone i've ever met is just plain mean deep down inside. some of us are talented enough to bring it up in people. other people have it floating on the surface like chunks in vomit just waiting to stick to something and try to make it as pathetic as they are.

subject change . . .

busy few days ahead . . . tomorrow: shrink, vet, Burn Notice, Graceland; friday: first friday; saturday: battle born slam/open mic. a few notes: i might do the open mic instead f the slam; we got a free check-up for Major when we adopted him, his appointment is tomorrow. then on the 12th is the full chicken slam. and i don't know if i'm going to read. i might go and judge. that sounds like a lot more fun.

oh wow, just turned on some Mozart and immediately calmed down. i have a feeling i'm going to really bug my neighbors this summer. wow, listen to that cello, lightly flirting with the violin . . . if there was a heaven, this would be on the play list. can you even imagine writing a symphony? i can't. i can't even wrap my head around all the notes i'm hearing right off, let alone the more subtle ones. i could get lost in this forever. why didn't my parents introduce me to this? my god, i even took music appreciation for three years, and i got Loverboy concert t-shirts. there is a point with your kids when you should stop trying to be hip and try to teach them something.

two of my best friends from the 80-90s are moms now, and i love hearing about their kids because their kids are not typical. they are thoughtful, well spoken, and light hearted. they are what developing children should be. and i'm really proud of Stacey and Leslie for staying the cool people they were in raising their offspring.

i have some other friends who are creeps, and their kids are creeps too. and ignorant. and those are the parents that always want me to babysit. "only if i can tie them down and teach them something," i think to myself. i should just say it out loud a couple of times. word would get around and no one would ask me anymore. which would be cool because i do hate saying no. for all my piss and vinegar, i try to keep a lid on it in front of other people. just like i try to keep a lid o my crazy.

what i'm saying is that i have a big mouth here and with kelli and doc, but i'm a hypocrite and i'm achingly nice to people's faces. when i have to be. when it's easier that way. like with Syzane. she lived here and i had to see her and deal with her so it was easier just to be nice and defer to her. it's like that with the Family. it's like that with everyone, i'm a pussy.

anything with french horns makes me think of christmas. like this piece. i seem to be in the holiday spirit. listened to "Fairytale of New York" earlier. i'll be listening to Tony Bennet's "Marshmallow World" before the hour is out. i can sense it.

Major's rabies tag just came in the mail and i put it on his ding. now he has the same color and number of tags that Vader has. Major's ding is light green, to match his eyes; and Vader's is yellow to match his eyes. they've just gotten much harder to tell apart. what have we done? kelli said we should have just named all the black ones the same name. i wish we had thought of that.

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