Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i think i'm gonna watch me some NCIS

i awoke to Major cuddling my back. a nice way to wake up. as soon as i rolled over, he gave me one of his deep, gravelly meows. he came out into the living room with me and jumped up on doc and then disappeared. we still don't know where he hides. simon was in the window just watching while Major and i snuggled. he seems to like Major, he lets him in the bedroom and, more surprisingly, on the bed.

here's the roster:

Evie - black, short hair domestic
Vader - black, short hair domestic
Bagira - black, long hair domestic
Freddie - black, short hair domestic with a white spot on her belly
Major - black, short hair domestic
Simon - long hair Ragdoll
Felix - tuxedo, short hair domestic
Lelu - white, short hair domestic

we now have three cats we can't tell apart from a distance. i'm getting better with separating Evie and Vader. her head is rounder and her legs are shorter. Vader is all legs. Major has an extra skinny tail, but his collar is similar to Vader's and he has the same tags hanging off of it. Freddie is tiny and funny looking, so she's easy to identify. when i bleach my hair, i'm going to put a stripe on Vader's head. it was doc's suggestion.

today i asked doc if we could go out to breakfast and a misunderstanding was had and he made a big deal out of it and we ended up not going. instead i fell asleep on the porch for an hour. that was my answer to that.

some people have recommended the Genie Bra to me, since i'm having a real issue with comfort since i started wearing my bra "properly". if any of you have any experience with them, please let me know. i'm looking for any alternative to wearing this constricting thing that cuts into my shoulders and ribs. and braless is not an option for me, the boobs are just too big and too old for that. regular sports bras don't give me the support i need.

awww, Major just came up behind me and started snuggling my back and meowing. he likes to announce himself. he is so soft. his coat is thin, i don't know if it will thicken up with better nutrition or if that's just the way it is. now he's meowing at Bagira. better than the hissing he was doing yesterday. i think he's going to be a mama's boy.

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