Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

the new poem

i wrote in my paper journal this morning, so i'm pretty tapped out. but i wrote a new poem this morning and it is different than anything i have ever written and i am in love with it.

blue sky

i am sitting
basking in the sun
my jeans are faded
my shirt worn and stained
i stare at the walls
surrounding me
they fill me with
security in this
weird desert city
full of mewling tourists
with fistfuls of
and dream of
being the one
to beat the house
oh the tales
they will tell
of free drinks
loose women
mad taxi drivers
and sun
always the sun
even at night
the city glows
so they don't
have to see their
and i sit in the sun
feeling so removed
i can't hear the traffic
i can hear the birds
and the bells
on the necks
of the cats
distant thunder
of jets landing
to expel more tourists
of jets taking off
to take them
home again
the ants drag
half a dead lizard
across the patio
and i admire their

i'm going to start submitting my work to poetry websites again. all the poems i had published by online publications are gone now, the links dead. time to get more out there.
Tags: poem

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