Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

so i can't find the new cat and i've listened to this danzig song at least 17 times now. i think i'm stoned.

yeah, i've been searching the house for bobo, but he's not around. he's in here somewhere, i just can't find him. i'm a little concerned but not much because he has food and knows where the litter box is.

. . . i went in to go to the bathroom and ended up taking a bath. and reading a third of the book. i haven't read the whole thing before. it's good. there are a lot of drawings of body parts. a map of her dreams . . . those don't make any sense to me but i really admire the way she was able to express it.

why didn't i read these two people when i first got the books? while they were still alive and i could have expressed how their work makes me feel. at least Bukowski lived a full life. Acker was taken too soon.

i still don't have any idea where the cat is. i figure he's found a nice secluded space and will come out when he's ready, like simon did.

i've been researching the use of medical marijuana on animals. for separation anxiety, cancer, same stuff as humans. a tincture is made of hemp and glycerine and given to the animal in small doses. i've read a lot of anecdotal stuff about its use. more testing needs to be done before i go giving my babies drugs. though part of me wonders if it wouldn't help lelu with her joints, along with the cosequin. the rest of the cats are perfectly healthy and hearty, so they don't need medicine of any kind.

i had my first twitter misunderstanding today. it got sorted quickly enough. but it was funny. i knew it was inevitable once i started to interact with people on there, i just can't help myself anymore. i must comment on these moronic theist statements sometimes. and the atheist elite don't know me yet.

i've been reading and it is fascinating. the one thing they don't have, that i want to know more about, it a massacre of native americans that mormon pioneers are responsible for. it is alleged that one of my direct relatives was involved and i'd like to know more. my seminary teacher told me it was a sensitive issue and she wasn't allowed to talk about it outside of the confines of the church leader dictated lesson. but the site is a good read.

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