Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

bobo and Bukowski

bobo is somewhere in the house. i have no clue where. i'm just waiting to hear the hissing. then i'll find him. my facebook page and twitter feed both have pictures. oh, wait, i'm dumb, i can post a link:

i guess i'm not eating dinner, hee. doc just went to sleep. i'll have eggs later, i'm not in the mood for takeout anyway.

i finished reading "Hollywood" by Charles Bukowski. it's about the making of "Barfly", the movie he wrote the original screenplay for. then i read 139 poems by him. it both inspired and daunted me. his poetry makes me feel better about my own that is about rather pedestrian stuff. his stuff could all be a story he's telling. it's all in the reading of it.

wow, i make one tweet about Bukowski and i'm suddenly being followed by @Bukowski_net. cool! i want to find other writers like him.

i'm so buzzing with words right now. there is only one problem. i have vowed to myself not to waste any of "the poem" as Bukowski called the process, on Red and she is my primary influence right now, because she is what brings up my strong feelings. so i'm no writing. i'm reading instead. and i want to buy up all of is books on amazon. i'll collect them one at a time and buy them used.

next up, the Original Punk Poet, Kathy Acker. i found her hard to follow the last time i read her, so i'm looking forward to rereading what little i have of her work (after all, when i first read Bukowski 20 years ago, i found him boring, now i find everything about his writing thrilling).

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