Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

the Great Bobo Hunt is on!

okay, so they didn't hold the cat. and he's not going to the regular adoption fair at the pet mart. he's going to a car dealership. on the other side of town. doc is getting ready to go and wait to get him. he's going before the event begins because he doesn't want anyone else to get to him first. this valley is running out of precocious black cats for us to adopt. hee. at least i hope he's precocious, he looks it in his pic. they had to hold his head up, that is cool.

Red is haunting my dreams. in one, she kept sneaking back into the house and she wouldn't leave, we couldn't catch her. in another i was in the house i always dream about but with parts of this one thrown in for extra disorientation. we were moving out and had to get out quick and Red appeared and every time we started to get something accomplished, she started a fight with doc.

speaking of getting out quick, there was a voicemail from friends of ours, they have to leave their place by the 15th. he's a car mechanic with a garage full of tools that he works from home with. they wanted to know if they could move in here. again, i find the same problem i have with all of the people around here my own age: offspring. i will not have some ankle biter in here pulling at my cats' tails and getting into shit. and the guy, while his wife is nice enough, is someone i would stab the first time he got drunk.

people seem to think we have some sort of never ending fount of wealth. i don't get it. doc works, i'm on SSI and the bills have been kind of tight this past year because we decided to sacrifice some things for a nicer place to live. we have what money we have because we sacrifice more when we want something. and we save every penny we can, wherever we can. (i.e.: doc saved 70 cents per gallon on gas yesterday because of his shopping rewards accumulation, he does this every three months, so he filled up the truck and two jerry cans so we have gas for the scooter. as far as my scooter, we bought it new, wrecked it, paid to have it fixed and then GAVE the scooter to BJ's son. there was complicated stuff behind it, but what it comes down to is that and just that. Red texted about how we would be fine without her compensation, after all, we had just sold the scooter. stupid twatwaffle. our other friends seem to think we can just make rooms appear in the house and empty the garage and driveway. right. we don't have that power. we are at poverty level, too.

i was asked why i buy all my clothes at a thrift store, it's simple. it's cheap, the clothes are already shrunken and worn in so they're comfortable, and the clothes are durable, they have already survived one human's abuse, what more can i do to them. and like the person i was talking to, i only wear brand name clothes, just not ones with labels on the outside advertising that fact. the day i was asked that, i was wearing a DKNY t-shirt. i love that shirt. it has a crooked silk screen of the type of a ticket to some event. and it's the most comfortable fabric. right now i'm rocking a GAP t-shirt and 501s. because i'm cool like that. not that any of it matters. i just pick out clothes by feel and color, identifying fabrics from their touch and picking the ones i like best. then i pick the colors, usually black, white, or grey. then i look at the prices, and pick my favorites, sticking within my budget for the amount of clothes i want. i do this twice a year. with annual trips to walmart to supplement the wardrobe with unders and socks and tanks and v-necks.

meanwhile, bitchface goes to the fucking MALL and spends $25 on 1 t-shirt. ONE. that is the stupidest thing i've heard since she told me about her DUI convictions. brainless, that one is. that's half of my budget for clothes. this is why i don't get people. they put so much importance on looks when it's comfort that matters. there is a limit to that, i was thanking deities last night for sweatpants because i'd been wearing tight jeans all day. stupid mistake. today i am wearing my comfy jeans. no more fucking around with vanity like that. i'm vain in enough other areas (another gratuitous head shot, any one?).

i've brushed my teeth every day this week. this is a big deal for me. i have an aversion to brushing my teeth. or taking care of them at all. that's why i've lost so many. but this week something clicked in me, and i have been actually missing it when i don't. i am kind of liking the feeling of a clean mouth. especially with the cotton mouth i get. it really alleviates it.

okay, time to go clean the mudroom for Bobo. we don't want him jumping around on the boxes we have stacked in there and getting hurt. we were totally prepared for this one. litter box, water dish, food dish, ding (collar), treat, toys, scratchy thingies. we are prepared for a new cat. i can't wait. the first two days of isolation are the hardest on me.

enough, really time to go because CAT.

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