Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

uh-oh, i'm in a mood

grrrr. i'm not tired, and refuse to lay down. that kind of mood. i don't want to eat or drink, i just want to chain smoke and grumble. well, not so much grumble. i'm not in a bad mood, just a frustrated one. and i don't know what i'm frustrated about.

doc told me he wasn't planning on taking me to get bobo. excuse me? i think he'll change his mind, it means less of a harrowing ride home for bobo. then we discussed where bobo is going to be socialized. i voted for my room. he was against it. we finally settled on the mudroom, the go-to place for socializing cats.

i'm a cat lady, aren't i? i just have a partner in crime in doc.

listening to some Shirley Bassie - ahhh. much better.

oh, okay, now Shonen Knife, no problem. switching gears. oh, that reminds me, there was something i wanted to watch on youtube. i'm not allowed to post the link yet, though. i'll post it in a few days, with the lyrics. it's my last hurrah on what has become a boring subject.

doc is asleep, time to go chain smoke, yes yes.

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